Stuart Richardson House

Stuart Richardson House

The Stuart Richardson House in Glen Ridge, Essex County, New Jersey, United States, was built for an actuary and his wife, who owned the house until 1970. It is the most complex of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed New Jersey residences.

The Richardson House, designed in 1941 and built a decade later, is set on a large suburban lot devoid of dramatic vistas. It is one of Wright's later "usonian" houses, which were designed to be functional homes for people of average means.

The Richardson House is a rare example of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian houses based on a hexagon unit module. An oasis in the middle of a suburban landscape of Glen Ridge, the house was constructed of red brick, cypress wood, red concrete mat and glass.

Like other Usonian houses, this one has no formal dining room. Usonian houses typically have grand living rooms flooded with light from floor-to-ceiling windows. This residence has 15 glass doors framing the living room.


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Stuart Richardson House

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