National Newark Building

National Newark Building

The National Newark Building is a neo-classical office skyscraper in Newark, New Jersey. It has been the tallest building in Newark since 1931 and was tallest in New Jersey until 1989. At thirty-five stories, it has a height of 466 ft (142 m). It is located in the heart of Downtown Newark at 744 Broad Street, just north of Four Corners.

The building was designed by the father and son architectural firm, John H. & Wilson C. Ely, which also designed Newark City Hall and the American Insurance Company Building. The exterior is chiefly tan brick and limestone. The top of the building is inspired by the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The ten mezzanine murals by J. Monroe Hewlett and Charles Gulbrandsen depict the growth of commerce in Newark.

It underwent a $68 million renovation which was completed in 2002. The new reinforced steel pole rises 113 ft (34 m) above the roof line, elevating the overall height of the building and pole to 578 ft (176 m).

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National Newark Building

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