Bry-sur-Marne station

Bry-sur-Marne station

The station Bry-sur-Marne is an RER station in the Paris suburb Bry-sur-Marne (in the Val-de-Marne department).

The station

The station is named for the town in which it is located, in the eastern suburbs of Paris. It comprises two tracks – one going towards Paris, the other towards Marne-la-Vallée et Disneyland Paris. The station contains a help desk, an automated ticket-vending machine, and a baker's shop. The tracks are on an elevated level; lifts provide access for wheelchair users.


On the A line, Bry-sur-Marne is located on branch A4, leading to the Marne-la-Vallée station, and thus connecting Paris both to parts of the western suburbs and to Disneyland Paris (which is in fact well outside Paris).

As it is a fairly small town, Bry-sur-Marne is one station (along with neighbouring Neuilly-Plaisance) where trains do not systematically stop, in either direction. Complaints by residents, requesting systematic stops at the station, have become something of a local issue, acknowledged by the mayor.

Connecting transport

Though the station does not connect to any other train line, it is directly adjacent to a bus stop for bus lines 120 (linking the Nogent-sur-Marne RER station to the town hall of Noisy-le-Grand via Bry) and 210 (linking the RER station in Bry to the RER station in Torcy).

The station is on the very edge of Bry, close to the town of Noisy-le-Grand, thus making it also the closest available station for residents in parts of that town.



Bry-sur-Marne station

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