South Orange-Maplewood School District

South Orange-Maplewood School District

The South Orange-Maplewood School District is a regional public school district, serving students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade from the suburban communities of South Orange and Maplewood, two municipalities in Essex County, New Jersey, United States.

As of the 2017-18 school year, the district's nine schools had an enrollment of 7,234 students and 565.3 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 12.8:1.

The district is classified by the New Jersey Department of Education as being in District Factor Group "I", the second-highest of eight groupings. District Factor Groups organize districts statewide to allow comparison by common socioeconomic characteristics of the local districts. From lowest socioeconomic status to highest, the categories are A, B, CD, DE, FG, GH, I and J.


The school district has operated as a unified organization for the area since 1867 and under the current name since 1894. James Ricalton, a teacher, photographer and world traveker born in New York of Scottish parents who became the school district's first permanent teacher, helped set the high standard of education that persists in the school district to this day.

In October 2014, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint against the South Orange-Maplewood School District in relation to its academic leveling and disciplinary systems, stating that the overuse of discipline and "zero-tolerance" policy, and implicit racial bias within the level selection system violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Awards and recognition

For the 1992–93 school year, Columbia High School received the National Blue Ribbon Award of Excellence from the United States Department of Education, the highest honor that an American school can achieve.

NAMM named the district in its 2009 survey of the "Best Communities for Music Education", which included 124 school districts nationwide.


Schools in the district (with 2017-18 school enrollment data from the National Center for Education Statistics) are:

  • Montrose Early Childhood Center (127 students, in PreK; located in Maplewood)
    • Bonita Samuels, Principal
Elementary schools
  • Seth Boyden Elementary Demonstration School (545 students, in grades K–5 located in Maplewood)
    • Shannon Glander, Principal
    • Sheila Murphy, Assistant Principal
  • Clinton Elementary School (578, K–5; Maplewood)
    • Jennifer Connors, Principal
    • Sandra Smith, Assistant Principal
  • Jefferson Elementary School (530, 3–5; Maplewood)
    • Kimberly Hutchinson, Principal
    • Angel Rivera, Assistant Principal
  • Marshall Elementary School (487, K–2; South Orange)
    • Raquel Horn, Principal
    • Laura Swyberius, Assistant Principal
  • South Mountain Elementary School (591, K–5; South Orange)
    • Kevin Mason, Principal
    • Shane Zeigler, Assistant Principal
  • South Mountain Elementary School Annex (NA, K–1; South Orange)
    • Kevin Mason, Principal
    • Shane Zeigler, Assistant Principal
  • Tuscan Elementary School (K–5, 616; Maplewood)
    • Malikah Majeed, Principal
    • Brad Bertani, Assistant Principal
Middle schools
  • Maplewood Middle School (753, 6–8; Maplewood)
    • Dara Gronau, Principal
    • Louis Brown, Assistant Principal
    • Michael Chiles, Assistant Principal
  • South Orange Middle School (811, 6–8; South Orange)
    • Lynn Irby, Principal
    • James Jennings, Assistant Principal
    • James Waldron, Assistant Principal
High school
  • Columbia High School (2,007, 9–12; Maplewood)
    • Kalisha Morgan, Interim Principal
    • Melissa Butler, Assistant Principal
    • Cheryline Hewitt, Assistant Principal
    • Dion Patterson, Assistant Principal
    • Terry Woolard, Assistant Principal


Members of the district administration are:

  • Dr. Ronald G. Taylor, Superintendent
  • Paul Roth, Business Administrator / Board Secretary


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South Orange-Maplewood School District

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