Pizza Land

Pizza Land

Pizza Land is an American owned pizzeria located at 260 Belleville Turnpike in North Arlington, New Jersey, which featured in the opening credits of The Sopranos. Additionally, in Law & Order episode 10.6, "Marathon" (1999), a pizza box from the restaurant was used by a suspect to transport and conceal firearms. The pizzeria was opened in 1965 by Italian immigrant Pietro Di Piazza, who died in 2019. It was owned by Frank's son Tony Di Piazza . Tony and Debra Hunkele always had the pizzeria packed but later on sold to pizza maker Al Pawlowicz until his death in 2010, who purchased the restaurant from DiPiazza's son. The store is now owned by Eddie Twdroos.


Pizza Land is most famous for serving pizza, but they also offer other products such as buffalo wings, chicken fingers, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks, french fries, wraps, mozzarella sticks, pasta, salads, and sandwiches.


Pizza Land serves Coca-Cola beverage products. They come in either cans, bottles, or 2 litre bottles.


Pizza Land

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