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2002 Mumbai bus bombing

2002 Mumbai bus bombing

At 18:45 IST on Monday, 2 December 2002, a bomb placed under a seat of a B.E.S.T. bus exploded near the busy Ghatkopar station. The bomb was placed in the rear of a bus near the station and killed two people and injured over 50. Ghatkopar being the final stop, all the passengers in the bus had just alighted and passengers for the return trip had not yet entered the bus. The people who were killed were those present in the busy station area.

Later, the police defused an unexploded bomb from another BEST bus in SEEPZ industrial area at Andheri.

The police arrested several young men for the blast. All were acquitted in the subsequent trial. One of the arrested Khwaja Yunus, allegedly escaped from the police custody and jumped into a gorge Now it is held that Khwaja Yunus died in police custody of torture and that his body was disposed in the gorge by the police. The accused policemen are being tried in a fast track court.

This was the first in a series of five bombings against the city within a period of less than nine months. Other bombings included:

  • 27 January 2003 Mumbai bombing
  • 2003 Mumbai train bombing
  • 2003 Mumbai bus bombing
  • 25 August 2003 Mumbai bombings

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