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House of Lords (disambiguation)

House of Lords (disambiguation)

The House of Lords is the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. See also Chamber of Peers (disambiguation).

House of Lords may also refer to:

Upper houses

  • Irish House of Lords, the upper house of the former Parliament of Ireland in 1297–1800
  • Chamber of Peers (France), the upper house of the Kingdom of France, 1814–1848.
  • Prussian House of Lords (1850–1918), the upper house of the Kingdom of Prussia
  • House of Lords (Austria), the upper house of the Imperial Council of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867–1918
  • House of Nobility (Sweden), the house of the Swedish nobility
  • House of Magnates in Hungary, which functioned as the House of Lords
  • Cromwell's House of Lords (1658–1659) during the final years of the Protectorate


  • The House of Lords (restaurant), Dutch former Michelin starred restaurant
  • House of Lords (Lords of the Underground album), 2007
  • House of Lords (band), an American rock band
    • House of Lords (House of Lords album), 1988
  • "House of Lords", or Thomas Dartnall, bass player for British band Young Knives
  • House of Lords, official whisky of the British House of Lords, distilled by Edradour in Scotland
  • House of Lords gin, made by Booth's
  • House of Lords, the former highest court in the United Kingdom, until superseded by the Supreme Court.

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