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Energy (disambiguation)

Energy (disambiguation)

In physics, energy is the quantitative property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object.

Energy may also refer to:

Science and philosophy

  • Energy (Aristotle), "actuality" in Aristotelian philosophy
  • Energy (physics), quantity in physical systems conserved due to time translation symmetry
    • Energy (signal processing), the energy Es of a continuous-time signal x(t)
  • Energy (psychological), a postulated principle underlying mental processes
  • Energy (esotericism), a concept in spirituality and alternative medicine
  • Energy (journal), a scientific journal published by Elsevier
  • Energies (journal), a scientific journal published by MDPI


  • Energy (event), an annual techno-music event in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Energy Rekords, a record label
  • Trance Energy or Energy, an annual trance-music event in the Netherlands


  • Energy (American band), a punk rock band
  • Energy (Taiwanese band), a Taiwanese boy group
  • Energy, a fusion jazz-rock-blues band Energy featuring Tommy Bolin


  • Energy (Fourplay album) (2008)
  • Energy (Jeremy Steig album) (1971)
  • Energy (Operation Ivy album) (1989)
  • Energy (Pointer Sisters album) (1978)
  • Energy (Disclosure album), 2020


  • "Energy" (Beyoncé song), 2022
  • "Energy" (Disclosure song), 2020
  • "Energy" (Drake song), from If You're Reading This It's Too Late
  • "Energy" (Keri Hilson song), from In a Perfect World...
  • "Energy" (Melissa Manchester song), 1985
  • "Energy" (Nuša Derenda song), entry for the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest
  • "Energy" (Stace Cadet and KLP song), 2020
  • "Energy (Stay Far Away)", by Skepta and Wizkid, 2018
  • "Energy", by the Apples in Stereo from New Magnetic Wonder
  • "Energy", by Collective Soul from Seven Year Itch
  • "Energy", by Joe Satriani from What Happens Next
  • "Energy", by Krokus from Krokus
  • "Energy", by the Pillows from Pantomime
  • "Energy", in the LazyTown soundtrack
  • "The Energy", by Audiovent from Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris
  • "The Energy (Feel the Vibe)", by Astro Trax, 1998
  • "The Energy", by Shinedown from The Sound of Madness

Radio stations

  • NRJ Radio in Paris, France
  • DWET-FM Energy FM 106.7 in the Philippines
  • KZCE Energy 92.7 and 101.1 in Phoenix, Arizona
  • KWFN, formerly Energy 97.3 in San Diego, California
  • KSON (FM), formerly Energy FM 103.7 San Diego, California
  • KREV (FM) Energy 92.7 in San Francisco, California
  • WCPY formerly Energy 92.5 and 92.7 in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Illinois
  • WCLR (FM) formerly Energy 92.5 and 92.7 in DeKalb, Illinois
  • WVLI formerly Energy 92.5 and 92.7, in Kankakee, Illinois
  • KBZD Energy 99.7 Amarillo, Texas


  • Energy, Illinois, a village in the United States
  • Energy, Mississippi, a settlement in the United States
  • Energy, Missouri, a settlement in the United States
  • Energy, Texas, a settlement in the United States

Other uses

  • Energy (Dubai Metro), a metro station on the Red Line in Dubai, UAE
  • Energy (TV channel), a Spanish TV channel owned by Mediaset España
  • Energy (video gaming), a game mechanic in certain action, role-playing and mobile video games
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  • Energy distance, distances between statistical observations
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