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Woods (surname)

Woods (surname)

Woods is a common surname of English, Scottish and Irish origin.

People with this surname include:


  • Aaron Woods (born 1991), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Al Woods (American football) (born 1987), American football player
  • Alan Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Albert Woods (1816–1904), English officer of arms at the College of Arms in London
  • Albert Woods (footballer), English footballer
  • Albert H. Woods (1870–1951), born Aladore Herman, American theatrical producer
  • Alice Woods (1849–1941), British educationist
  • Andrew Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Aubrey Woods (1928–2013), English actor
  • Ayiesha Woods (born 1979), contemporary Christian musician


  • Bambi Woods (born 1955), American pornographic actress
  • Barbara Alyn Woods (born c. 1965), American actress
  • Belita Woods (1948–2012), lead singer of R&B groups, Brainstorm and Parliament-Funkadelic
  • Ben Woods (born 1982), rugby union footballer
  • Bill Woods (disambiguation), also Billy Woods, several people
  • Bobby Wayne Woods (1965–2009), American rapist, kidnapper and murderer
  • Brian Woods (disambiguation), several people


  • Calum Woods (born 1987), English (soccer) footballer
  • Cary Woods, American film producer
  • Charles Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Chevy Woods (born 1981), American rapper and songwriter
  • Chris Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Christie Lee Woods (born 1977), American model and actress
  • Christine Woods (born 1983), American actress in the HBO series Hello Ladies
  • Clare Woods (artist) (born 1972), British artist
  • Clinton Woods (born 1972), British professional boxer
  • Clinton Edgar Woods (1863–1930), electrical, mechanical engineer and automotive engineer


  • D. Woods (born 1985), American singer
  • Danny Woods (1942–2018), American singer, member of Chairmen of the Board
  • Darren Woods (born 1964/1965), American businessman
  • Darren Keith Woods (born 1958), American opera director and operatic tenor
  • Dean Woods (1966–2022), Australian racing cyclist
  • D. J. Woods (born 1989), American gridiron player
  • Don Woods (American football) (born 1951), American football player
  • Don Woods (meteorologist) (1928–2012), American meteorologist and cartoonist
  • Don Woods (programmer) (born 1954), computer games programmer
  • Donald Woods (1933–2001), South African journalist and anti-apartheid activist
  • Donald Woods (actor) (1906–1998), Canadian-American film and television actor
  • Donald Devereux Woods (1912–1964), British microbiologist


  • E. J. Woods (1839–1916), architect in South Australia
  • Earl Woods (1932–2006), US Army officer, father of Tiger Woods
  • Edward Woods (1903–1989), American actor
  • Edward Woods (engineer) (1814–1903), British civil engineer
  • Eliza Woods (1872–1961), American composer
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  • Frederick S. Woods (1864–1950), American mathematician
  • Fronza Woods, American filmmaker


  • George Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Georgie Woods (1927–2005), American radio personality
  • Grant Woods (1954–2021), Attorney General of Arizona 1991–1999
  • Granville Woods (1856–1910), African-American inventor of tram and railway equipment


  • Harriett Woods (1927–2007), American politician and activist
  • Harry Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Henry Woods (disambiguation), several people


  • Ickey Woods (born 1966), American football player
  • Ilene Woods (1929–2010), American actress and singer, voice of Disney's Cinderella


  • Jake Woods (born 1981), American baseball pitcher
  • James Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Jelani Woods (born 1998), American football player
  • Jerome Woods (born 1973), American football player
  • Jessie E. Woods (1909–2001), one of the first American woman pilots
  • Jim Woods (1916–1988), American sportscaster
  • Jim Woods (baseball) (born 1939), American baseball player
  • Jimmy Woods (1934–2018), American jazz musician
  • John Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Jon Woods (born 1977), American politician, record producer and musician
  • Joseph Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Josh Woods (American football) (born 1996), American football player
  • JT Woods (born 2000), American football player


  • K. Woods, West Indian cricket umpire
  • Kate Woods, Australian film and television director
  • Kate Woods (field hockey) (born 1981), South African hockey player
  • Kristine Woods, American sculptor and textile artist


  • Lebbeus Woods (1940–2012), American architect and artist known unconventional designs
  • Leonard Woods (theologian) (1774–1854), American theologian, supporter of orthodox Calvinism
  • Leonard Woods (college president) (1807–1878), fourth president of Bowdoin College
  • Loren Woods (born 1978), American-Lebanese professional basketball player
  • Louis E. Woods (1895–1971), aviator with American Marine Corps


  • Margaret Louisa Woods (née Bradley; 1855–1945), English writer, married Henry George Woods
  • Marilyn Warren Woods (1914–1998), American activist and community leader
  • Marjorie Curry Woods, American historian
  • Mark Kenneth Woods, Canadian comedy writer, actor, producer, director and TV host.
  • Martin Woods (born 1986), Scottish (soccer) footballer.
  • Mary Lee Woods (1924–2017), English mathematician and computer scientist
  • Mehitable E. Woods (1813–1891), hero of the American Civil War
  • Michael Woods (disambiguation), also Mike Woods, several people
  • Mimi Woods, American voice actress known primarily for voice-overs in Japanese anime
  • Mitch Woods (born 1951), American boogie-woogie, jump blues and jazz pianist and singer


  • Nan Woods (born Susan Nan Woods, 1966), American actress in the ABC television series China Beach
  • Ngaire Woods (born 1962/1963), New Zealand-born founding dean of the Blavatnik School of Government at University of Oxford
  • Nic Woods Nicholas Woods (born 1995), New Zealand field hockey player


  • Oscar "Buddy" Woods (born c.1900-1903–1955), American Texas blues guitarist, singer and songwriter


  • Paul Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Pauline Nakamarra Woods (born 1949), Australian indigenous painter
  • Pete Woods, American comic book artist
  • Peter Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Phil Woods (1931–2015), jazz saxophonist
  • Pinky Woods (Philip Wells Woods) (1931–2015), American jazz alto saxophonist, clarinetist, bandleader, and composer


  • Qyntel Woods (born 1981), American professional basketball player


  • Randy Woods Randolph Woods (born 1970), American professional basketball player
  • Rashaun Woods (born 1980), American pro football player
  • Ray Woods (1895–1965), American college basketball standout for Illinois in the 1910s
  • Ray Woods (footballer) (born 1965), footballer with Tranmere Rovers, Wigan Athletic, Coventry City and Shrewsbury Town
  • Renn Woods (previously Ren Woods, born 1958), American film, television and stage actress, vocalist and songwriter
  • Robin Woods (1914–1997), English bishop
  • Robert Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Rose Mary Woods (1917–2005), Richard Nixon's secretary from 1951 through the end of his political career
  • Roy Woods (born 1996), Canadian singer, rapper and songwriter


  • Samuel Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Seamus Woods, 1920s Irish Republican Army leader
  • Sean Woods (born 1970), American basketball player and coach
  • Shelly Woods (Rochelle "Shelly" Woods) (born 1986), British wheelchair racer, competed in two Paralympic Games
  • Simeon Woods Richardson (born 2000), American baseball player
  • Simon Woods (born 1980), English actor in the British-American TV series Rome and the BBC1 series Cranford
  • Skip Woods (born 1970), American screenwriter, producer and film director
  • Sparky Woods (born 1953), American football coach
  • Stacey Grenrock-Woods (born 1968), American writer, actress, and correspondent on The Daily Show
  • Stanley Woods (1903–1993), Irish motorcycle racer in the 1920s and 1930s
  • Steve Woods (Stephen John Woods) (born 1976), English footballer with Chesterfield, Plymouth Argyle, Stoke City and Torquay United
  • Stevie Woods (musician) (1951–2014), American R&B singer
  • Stuart Woods (1938–2022), American novelist
  • Sydney Woods (1853 – after 1895), merchant and politician in Newfoundland
  • Sydney S. Woods Sidney Sterling Woods (1917–1989), American fighter ace of World War II
  • Symere Woods (born 1994), American rapper known professionally as Lil Uzi Vert


  • Taryn Woods (born 1975), Australian water polo player
  • Terry Woods (born 1947), Irish folk musician
  • Thomas Woods (disambiguation), several people
  • Tiger Woods (born 1975), American golfer
  • Tim Woods (George Burrell Woodin) (1934–2002), American professional wrestler
  • Tom Woods (disambiguation), also Tommy Woods, several people
  • Tony Woods (Australian rules footballer)
  • Tony Woods (comedian), American comedian
  • Tyler Woods (born 1982), American singer-songwriter
  • Tyrone Woods (Walter Tyrone Woods) (born 1969), professional baseball player with Nippon
  • Tyrone S. Woods (Tyrone Snowden Woods) (1971–2012), American CIA security officer killed in 2012 Benghazi attack


  • Vincent Woods (born 1960), Irish poet, playwright and RTÉ Radio 1 arts show host


  • Wendy Woods (1941–2013), South African educator and anti-apartheid activist
  • William Woods (disambiguation) several people


  • Xavier Woods (born 1986), ring name of American professional wrestler Austin Watson
  • Xavier Woods (American football) (born 1995), American football player


  • Zach Woods (born 1984), American actor

Fictional characters

  • Alexx Woods, on CSI: Miami
  • Babs Woods, on the British soap opera Family Affairs
  • Darren Woods, a character in the 1985 American science fantasy movie Explorers
  • Dawn Woods (also Hope), on the British ITV soap opera Emmerdale
  • Elle Woods, in the novel, film and Broadway adaptation Legally Blonde
  • Nancy Woods, in Archie Comics
  • Penny Gordon Woods, in the American sitcom Good Times
  • Frank Woods, main supporting character in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • T.J. Woods, on the British ITV soap opera Emmerdale
  • Tanya Woods, on the British soap opera Family Affairs
  • Terry Woods (Emmerdale), on the British ITV soap opera Emmerdale
  • Whispy Woods, in Nintendo's Kirby series of video games
  • Willona Woods, in the American sitcom Good Times

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