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Raiche or variation may refer to:


  • Alcide Raîche, mid-20th-century mayor of Shawinigan-Sud, Quebec, Canada
  • Bessie Raiche née Medlar (1875–1932), U.S. businesswoman and dentist-physician
  • Catherine Raiche (born 1989), gridiron football office personnel. VP of NFL Philly Eagles
  • Julie Raîche, early-21st-century president of Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF)
  • Lucie Raiche, discus silver medalist for Canada at the 1976 Summer Paralympics
  • Rose-de-Lima Raiche (19th century), mother of Victoria's Cross recipient Jean Brillant

Other uses

  • Raiche, a planemaker
  • Raîche v. Canada (Attorney General), a court case about the district boundary between Miramichi—Grand Lake and Acadie—Bathurst
  • Raiche's manzanita (Raiche), a subspecies and cultivar of Arctostaphylos stanfordiana

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