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Peter Pan (disambiguation)

Peter Pan (disambiguation)

Peter Pan is a fictional boy who refuses to grow up, created by Scottish author J. M. Barrie.

Peter Pan may also refer to:

"Peter Pan" can also refer to various works featuring the character (including abridgements, retellings, and other adaptations of Barrie's play or novel, not listed here):

  • Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up (1904), the play that first popularised the character
  • Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (1906), originally a chapter in The Little White Bird about the character's origin and infancy
  • Peter and Wendy (1911), the novel based on the play
    • Peter Pan in Scarlet (2006), an authorised sequel
  • Peter Pan (1924 film), the silent film based on the play
  • Peter Pan (1950 musical), the Leonard Bernstein Broadway stage adaptation of the play, never filmed
  • Peter Pan (1953 film), the animated film by The Walt Disney Company based on the play
    • Peter Pan in Return to Never Land, a 2002 sequel to the 1953 film
    • Peter Pan and Wendy, a 2023 live-action adaptation with references to the 1953 film
  • Peter Pan (1954 musical), the Broadway musical adaptation of the play featuring Mary Martin. Telecast live on TV twice, and afterwards videotaped for future telecasts.
  • Peter Pan (1976 musical), a TV film by Dwight Hemion
  • Peter Pan in Hook (film), a 1991 film starring Robin Williams as Peter and Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook
  • Peter Pan (2003 film), the first live-action sound film based on the play, directed by P. J. Hogan
  • Peter Pan no Boken, the anime adaptation and extension of the Peter Pan story
  • Peter Pan and the Pirates, the 1990s animated TV show
  • Peter Pan's Flight, a dark ride attraction at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  • Peter Pan (Three Sixty Entertainment), an updated version of the original play presented in its own theatre pavilion using 360 degree video
  • Peter Pan Live!, a live television special and production of the 1954 musical adaptation of Peter and Wendy, broadcast on NBC in 2014
  • Pan (2015 film), a prequel film by Joe Wright
  • Peter and Wendy (2015 film), a TV film by Diarmuid Lawrence
  • Peter Pan (American horse) (1904–1933), a United States thoroughbred racehorse
  • Peter Pan (Australian horse) (1929–1941), an Australia thoroughbred racehorse
  • Peter Pan Records, a record label of the 1950s–70s, specialising in children's records
  • Petar Pan, Serbian rock band
  • Peterpan (band), former name of Indonesian alternative pop band, now known as Noah
  • Peter Pan (album) by Dutch rockband Peter Pan Speedrock
  • "Peter Pan" (Kelsea Ballerini song), 2016 song from the album The First Time
  • "Peter Pan", first published song by Noël Coward, later recorded by Bessie Jones (Welsh singer) in 1918
  • "In Search of Peter Pan", a song by Kate Bush from the album Lionheart
  • "Peter Pan", a song by Exo from XOXO
  • Randy Constan, Peter Pan impersonator
  • Peterpan, born José Fernandes de Paula, composer
  • "Peter Pan", a Kerr Stuart Wren narrow gauge locomotive belonging to the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway, Bedfordshire, England
  • Peter Pan Bus Lines, based in the northeastern United States
  • Peter Pan (peanut butter)
  • Operation Peter Pan, in which children of Cuba were flown to the United States
  • DDT Peter Pan, an annual professional wrestling event
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