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Count of Foix

Count of Foix

The Count of Foix ruled the County of Foix, in what is now Southern France, during the Middle Ages. The House of Foix eventually extended its power across the Pyrenees mountain range, joining the House of Bearn and moving their court to Pau in Béarn. Count Francis Phoebus became King of Navarre in 1479. The last count was King Henry III of Navarre, after whose accession to the French throne the county entered the French royal domain.

To this day, the president of France is considered an unofficial successor of the count (as the current ruler of the French state) as co-prince of Andorra.

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List of counts of Foix

House of Foix

  • 1010-1034 : Bernard Roger, count of Couserans, count of Bigorre, lord of Comminges and lord of Foix (second son of Roger I of Carcassonne)

House of Foix-Béarn

House of Foix-Grailly

House of Albret

House of Bourbon

In 1607 the county of Foix was reunited to the French crown.

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