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Wings (disambiguation)

Wings (disambiguation)

Wings are appendages used to create lift.

Wings may also refer to:


  • Wings Hauser (born 1947), American actor
  • Mary Wings (born 1949), American artist, writer and musician



  • The Wings (film), a 1916 Swedish silent film
  • Wings (1927 film), an American silent World War I film
  • Wings (1966 film), a Soviet film by Larisa Shepitko
  • Wings (2012 film), a Russian animated film

Written fiction and drama

  • Wings (Kuzmin novel), a 1906 novel by Mikhail Kuzmin
  • Wings (Pike novel), a 2009 young-adult faerie novel by Aprilynne Pike
  • Wings (play), a 1978 Arthur Kopit play
    • Wings (musical), a 1992 musical based on the Kopit play
  • Wings (Terry Pratchett novel), a novel in The Nome Trilogy
  • The Wings (novel), a 1936 novel by Yi Sang



  • Paul McCartney and Wings, a 1970s rock band
  • Wings (1968 band), an American folk rock band
  • Wings (duo), a South Korean duo


  • Wings (Franco Ambrosetti album) (1984)
  • Wings (BTS album) (2016)
  • Wings (Mark Chesnutt album) (1995)
  • Wings (Peter Kater album) (2019)
  • Wings (Skylark album) (2006)
  • Wings (Bonnie Tyler album) (2005)
  • Wings (EP), by Koda Kumi (2023)
  • Wings by Michel Colombier (1971)


  • "Wings" (1927 film score), written by Ballard Macdonald and composed by J.S. Zamecnik
  • "Wings" (Birdy song), 2013
  • "Wings" (Polina Bogusevich song), 2017
  • "Wings" (Delta Goodrem song), 2015
  • "Wings" (Little Mix song), 2012
  • "Wings" (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song), 2011
  • "Wings" (Ringo Starr song), 1977
  • "Wings", by Black Eyed Peas from Masters of the Sun Vol. 1
  • "Wings", by Tim Buckley from Tim Buckley
  • "Wings", by EDEN from Vertigo
  • "Wings", by Golden Earring from Just Earrings
  • "Wings", by Haerts
  • "Wings", by Live from Songs from Black Mountain
  • "Wings", by Mac Miller from Swimming
  • "Wings", by Sentenced from North from Here
  • "Wings", by Soulfly from Prophecy
  • "Wings", by SZA from S
  • "Wings", a song by Jonas Brothers


  • Wings (Canadian magazine), a business and commercial aviation magazine
  • Wings (Japanese magazine), a shōjo manga magazine
  • Wings (US magazine), a magazine about the history of military aviation


  • Wings (1990 TV series), an American sitcom that aired on NBC from 1990 to 1997
  • Wings (1988 TV series), a 1988 American documentary program on the Discovery Channel
  • Wings (1977 TV series), a 1977–1978 British drama series that aired on BBC
  • "Wings", an episode of The Protector

Video games

  • Wings (1990 video game), a World War I computer flying game by Cinemaware
  • Wings (1996 video game), a computer game with space ships


  • WINGs, a Widget toolkit used by Window Maker
  • Wings 3D, an open source computer graphics modeling program
  • WINGs Display Manager, a display manager for the X window system


  • Wing (military aviation unit), a unit of command
  • Aircrew Badge or wings, worn in the United States military
  • Aircrew brevet or wings, worn in the Royal Air Force and other Commonwealth air forces
  • Parachutist Badge or wings
  • United States Aviator Badge or wings

Sports teams

  • Dallas Wings, a WNBA team based in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Detroit Red Wings, an NHL team known colloquially as the Wings
  • Kalamazoo Wings, an ice hockey team based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
  • Philadelphia Wings (disambiguation), the name of three lacrosse teams
  • Starwings Basel, a Swiss basketball team
  • Wings Gaming, a professional Dota 2 eSports team based in China
Giuseppe Zanotti Luxury Sneakers


  • ANA Wings, subsidiary of All Nippon Airways
  • MASwings, subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines
  • Wings Air, a scheduled commuter passenger airline based in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Wings Alliance, a former proposed airline alliance

Other uses

  • Wings (Chinese constellation)
  • Wings (cigarette), a brand of the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
  • Wings (haircut), a haircut style
  • Wings (horse), a British Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Wings (Indonesian company), an Indonesian consumer goods company
  • The wings, an area of a theatre stage hidden from the audience
  • WINGS: Women IN Great Sciences
  • Backplate and wing, a type of scuba harness with an attached buoyancy compensation device
  • Buffalo wings, a spicy preparation of fried chicken wings

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