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McFadyen (surname)

McFadyen (surname)

McFadyen is a Scottish patronymic surname meaning "son of little Patrick". The Gaelic prefix "Mc" means "son of", while "Fadyen" is a derivative of the Gaelic Pháidín, meaning "little Patrick". It is a variant of the surname McFadden. There are similar names including MacFadyen and McFayden. People with the surname include:

List of persons with the surname

  • Charles Hector McFadyen (1892–1965), Australian rules football player and senior public servant
  • Don McFadyen (1907–1990), Canadian professional hockey left winger
  • Hugh McFadyen (born 1967), Canadian lawyer and politician
  • Ian McFadyen (born 1948), Australian writer, actor, and director
  • John Edgar McFadyen (1870–1933), Scottish theologian and professor
  • Ken McFadyen (born 1939), Australian war artist
  • Liane Buffie McFadyen, Colorado politician
  • Luke McFadyen (born 1982), Australian rugby player
  • Matthew Mcfadyen (born 1974), English actor

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