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Spindle whorl

Spindle whorl

A spindle whorl is a weighted object fitted to a spindle to help maintain the spindle's speed of rotation while spinning yarn. It typically takes the form of a disk or spherical object, sometimes whorled, normally positioned on the bottom of the spindle. The spinner spins the resulting weighted spindle up to speed, which the whorl maintains, and then slowly pulls the fabric off a mass of fibers which the spindle then twists into yarn.

Historically, whorls have been made of materials like amber, antler, bone, ceramic, coral, glass, stone, metal (iron, lead, lead alloy), and wood (oak). Local sourced materials have been also used, such as chalk, limestone, mudstone, sandstone, slate, lydite and soapstone.


Text submitted to CC-BY-SA license. Source: Spindle whorl by Wikipedia (Historical)