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62nd Regiment

62nd Regiment

62nd Regiment or 62nd Infantry Regiment may refer to:

  • 62nd (Shawinigan) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, a unit of the Canadian Army
  • 62nd Field Artillery Regiment, RCA, a unit of the Canadian Army
  • 62nd Reserve Artillery Regiment (Ireland), a unit of the Irish Reserve Defence Force
  • 62nd Regiment of Foot (disambiguation), three units of the British Army have had this name
  • 62nd Infantry Regiment (United States), a unit of the US Army
  • 62nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, a unit of the US Army
American Civil War
Union (Northern) Army
  • 62nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  • 62nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  • 62nd Indiana Infantry Regiment
  • 62nd Ohio Infantry
  • 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry
  • 62nd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Confederate (Southern) Army
  • 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry
  • 62nd Tennessee Infantry

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