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Love Among the Ruins (album)

Love Among the Ruins (album)

Love Among the Ruins (1997) is the sixth studio album by American alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs and the first to feature new lead singer Mary Ramsey, following Natalie Merchant's departure in 1993.


The two singles from the album—a cover of Roxy Music's "More Than This" and the original "Rainy Day"—were not initially intended to be included on the album. John Lombardo had just written "Rainy Day", which was deemed more radio-friendly than the other songs, and the record company insisted that the band record a cover song for inclusion.

While Ramsey and Lombardo shared lyric writing duties, the band chose to credit the songs as group collaborations, so that all members would receive equal royalties. Ramsey wrote the music to "All That Never Happens". Guitarist John Lombardo wrote "Rainy Day", "Even with My Eyes Closed", "Big Star", "Shining Light" and "Across the Fields" and shared a writing credit with drummer Jerry Augustyniak on "Girl on a Train". Guitarist Rob Buck wrote "Love Among the Ruins" and keyboardist Dennis Drew wrote "A Room for Everything". A live version of "Rainy Day" was also included on their 2016 album Playing Favorites.

The album title is adapted from Robert Browning's poem of the same name.


Track listing

All songs written by 10,000 Maniacs, except where noted.

  • On an earlier acetate version of the album, "Smallest Step", "Beyond the Blue" and "Time Turns" were also included. When all three were omitted, the following tracks were added: "More Than This", "Rainy Day" and "All That Never Happens". All three omitted songs were re-recorded, with "Beyond the Blue" and "Time Turns" made available on U.S. and European versions of the "More Than This" single and "Smallest Step" appearing on 1999's The Earth Pressed Flat.


Love Among the Ruins sold 200,000 copies, 30,000 of those within three months of release. Despite this, Geffen Records, according to Dennis Drew, "dropped us after the first three months."


10,000 Maniacs
  • Mary Ramsey – lead vocals, viola
  • Robert Buck – electric and acoustic guitars
  • John Lombardo – acoustic and electric guitars
  • Dennis Drew – Hammond organ, piano
  • Steve Gustafson – bass
  • Jerome Augustyniak – drums, backing vocals, percussion
Additional Musicians
  • John Keane – guitar
  • Jules Shear – backing vocals
  • Fred Maher – percussion
Technical Staff
  • Billy Field – assistant engineer
  • Chris Lord-Alge – mixing
  • John Keane – producer, engineer
  • Fred Maher – producer
  • Doug Sax – mastering
  • John Lombardo – cover design
  • Mike McLaughlin – photography
  • Lloyd Puckett – engineer
  • Paul Miletti – production manager


More Than This (U.S.)
  1. "More Than This"
  2. "More Than This" (Tee's Radio Edit)
  3. "Beyond the Blue"
More Than This (Australia)
  1. "More Than This"
  2. "More Than This" (Tee's Radio Edit)
  3. "Time Turns"
Rainy Day (Radio Promo Only)
  1. "Rainy Day (Radio Edit)"
  2. "Rainy Day (Album Version)"


Liner notes from 10,000 Maniacs album: Love Among the Ruins.

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