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Population of Canadian federal ridings

Population of Canadian federal ridings

This is a list of Canada's 338 federal electoral districts (also known as ridings in Canadian English) as defined by the 2013 Representation Order, which came into effect on August 2, 2015. The ridings are organized by province. But a click on tabs can re-order them based on riding size or population.

Population 2011-2021


2021 electoral population and ridings by province/territory

On October 15, 2021, the Chief Electoral Officer calculated the House of Commons seats to be allocated to each province using the representation formula found in the Constitution and the population estimates provided by Statistics Canada. This seat allocation will only take effect when a new representation order comes into force. Consult the federal redistribution timeline to find out more.

Allocation of Seats in the House of Commons after the 2021 census

Will take effect when the representation order comes into force


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