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Neues vom Hexer

Neues vom Hexer

Neues vom Hexer (lit. "News from the Sorcerer"), aka Again the Ringer, is a 1965 West German black-and-white crime film directed by Alfred Vohrer and starring Heinz Drache. It is part of a series of German screen adaptations of Edgar Wallace's thriller novels, and the direct sequel of the 1964 film Der Hexer. It was also known as The Ringer Returns.


  • Heinz Drache as Inspector James W. Wesby
  • Barbara Rütting as Margie Fielding
  • Brigitte Horney as Lady Aston
  • Margot Trooger as Cora Ann Milton
  • Siegfried Schürenberg as Sir John
  • Klaus Kinski as Edwards
  • Robert Hoffmann as Archie Moore
  • Karl John as Dr. Mills (as Carl John)
  • Hubert von Meyerinck as Judge Matthews
  • Heinz Spitzner as Bailey
  • Kurt Waitzmann as Lanny
  • Lia Eibenschütz as Lady Curtain
  • Teddy Naumann as Charles
  • Gisela Hahn as Susan Copperfield
  • Lu Saeuberlich as governess (as Lu Säuberlich)
  • Eddi Arent as Archibald Finch
  • René Deltgen as Arthur Milton


This film is based on the thriller Again the Ringer (The Ringer Returns) by Edgar Wallace. Cinematography took place from 15 March to 27 April 1965 at Berlin/West, London and its environments.


The FSK gave the film a rating of 16 and up and found it not appropriate for screenings on public holidays.


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