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List of wars involving Brazil

List of wars involving Brazil

This is a list of wars involving the Federative Republic of Brazil and its predecessor states from the colonial period to the present day.

Colonial Brazil (1500–1815)


United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves (1815–1822)

Empire of Brazil (1822–1889)

First Brazilian Republic (1889–1930)

Vargas Era (1930–1945)

Giuseppe Zanotti Luxury Sneakers

Fourth Brazilian Republic (1946–1964)

Brazilian military government (1964–1985)

Sixth Brazilian Republic (1985–present)

Other conflicts (slave revolts, mutinies)

  • Confederation of the Equator (1824)
  • Irish and German Mercenary Soldiers' Revolt (1828)
  • Malê Revolt (1835)
  • Brazilian Naval Revolt (1893–1894)

Peacekeeping operations

  • International Force for East Timor
  • 2004 Haitian coup d'état
  • United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti
  • United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

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