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Charlotte (given name)

Charlotte (given name)

Charlotte is a female given name, a female form of the male name Charlot, a diminutive of Charles. It is of French origin meaning "free man" or "petite". The name dates back to at least the 14th century. King Charles II of England had two illegitimate daughters with the name, the second wife of King Louis XI of France was Charlotte of Savoy, and Charlotte de Bourbon-La Marche (1388-1422) was Queen of Cyprus. Other names for Charlotte are Charlie, Lottie, Lotte, Carlota and Carlotta.

These women are usually identified as Charlotte with an appended title rather than a surname:


According to Social Security Administration, Charlotte was the 31st most popular girl name in 2013 in the United States. It was the most popular name for girls in Australia in 2013. The same year it was the 21st popular girl name both in England and Wales, having been a constant presence among the top 10 girls names there since the 1980s.


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