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John Russell

John Russell

John Russell may refer to:

Arts and entertainment

  • John Russell (English painter) (1745–1806), English painter
  • John Russell (Australian painter) (1858–1930), Australian painter
  • John Russell (screenwriter) (1885–1956), author and screenwriter
  • John L. Russell (cinematographer) (1905–1967), American cinematographer
  • Johnny Russell (saxophonist) (1909–1991), American jazz saxophonist
  • John Russell (art critic) (1919–2008), British American art critic
  • John Russell (actor) (1921–1991), American actor in the TV series Lawman
  • Johnny Russell (singer) (1940–2001), American country singer
  • John Russell (musician) (1954–2021), acoustic guitarist
  • John Morris Russell (born 1960), American conductor
  • John C. Russell (1963–1994), playwright
  • John Russell of Bluffdale, American novelist, writer and Baptist preacher
  • John Wentworth Russell, Canadian painter
  • Johnnie Russell (born 1933), stage name of John R. Countryman, American diplomat and former child actor


  • John Russell (Royalist) (1620–1687), English MP and soldier
  • John Henry Russell (1827–1897), officer of the United States Navy
  • John Russell (Medal of Honor) (1852–?), United States Navy sailor and recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • John H. Russell Jr. (1872–1947), major general and 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps
  • John Tinsley Russell (1904–1942), New Zealand soldier
  • John Russell (VC) (1893–1917), British Army officer who was awarded the Victoria Cross
  • John Russell (aviator) (1894–1960), flying ace
  • John Russell, 3rd Baron Ampthill (1896–1973), British peer and Royal Navy officer
  • John M. Russell, U.S. Army sergeant, perpetrator of the Camp Liberty killings (2009)


United States

  • John Russell (New York politician) (1772–1842), United States Representative from New York
  • John Russell (prohibitionist) (1822–1912), first National Committee Chairman of the Prohibition Party
  • John Russell (Ohio politician) (1827–1869), Ohio Secretary of State, 1868–1869
  • John Russell (Virginia politician) (1923-2012), American politician
  • John E. Russell (1834–1903), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  • John W. Russell Jr. (1923–2015), member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1947 to 1951 and the Oklahoma Senate between 1952 and 1956
  • John Russell (Missouri politician) (born 1931), Missouri state senator

United Kingdom

  • Sir John Russell (knight) (died 1224), English household knight of King John
  • Sir John Russell (died 1270), Anglo-Scottish noble
  • John Russell (MP for Coventry), MP for Coventry in 1302
  • John Russell (died 1405) (1350s–1405), MP for Worcestershire
  • John Russell (fl. 1410), MP for Wells
  • John Russell (speaker) (died 1437), MP for Herefordshire and Speaker of the House of Commons
  • John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford (1485–1555), English royal minister
  • John Russell (Westminster MP), MP for Westminster, London, 1545–1547
  • Sir John Russell, 3rd Baronet (1632?–1669), of Chippenham
  • John Russell (Royalist) (died 1687), English MP and soldier
  • John Russell (colonial administrator) (1670–1735), administrator of the English East India Company
  • John Russell, 4th Duke of Bedford (1710–1771), British statesman
  • John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford (1766–1839), Knight of the Garter
  • John Russell, 1st Earl Russell (1792–1878), known as Lord John Russell before 1861, British prime minister
  • John Russell, Viscount Amberley (1842–1876), progressive Liberal MP
  • John Russell (diplomat) (1914–1984), British diplomat and ambassador
  • John Russell, 13th Duke of Bedford (1917–2002), British peer and writer
  • John Russell, 4th Earl Russell (1921–1987), eldest son of Bertrand Russell
  • John Russell, 27th Baron de Clifford (1928–2018), Peer of England
  • John Russell, 7th Earl Russell (born 1971), English politician


  • John Watts-Russell (1825–1875), New Zealand politician


  • John Russell (bishop) (died 1494), bishop of Lincoln and Lord High Chancellor of England, 1483–1485
  • John Russell (clergyman) (1626–1692), Puritan minister
  • John Russell (headmaster) (1787–1863), English clergyman and headmaster of Charterhouse School
  • John Russell (parson) (1795–1883), hunter, dog breeder, and cleric
  • John Lewis Russell (1808–1854), American botanist and Unitarian minister
  • John Fuller Russell (1814–1888), Church of England priest, writer, and art collector
  • John Russell (priest, born 1868) (1868–1949), Archdeacon of Oamaru / North Otago in New Zealand
  • John Russell (priest, born 1792) (1792–1865), Archdeacon of Clogher, Ireland
  • John Joyce Russell (1897–1993), American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church


Association football

  • John Russell (footballer, born 1872) (1872–1905), Scottish footballer
  • John Russell (Cambuslang footballer) (fl. 1890), Scottish footballer for Cambuslang and the national team
  • John Russell (Dumbarton footballer) (fl. 1922–1928), Scottish footballer for Airdrie and Dumbarton
  • John Russell (footballer, born 1923) (1923–2005), Scottish footballer (Motherwell FC, Kilmarnock FC)
  • John Russell (Queen's Park footballer) (fl. 1924–1933), Scottish footballer
  • John Russell (Irish footballer) (born 1985), Irish footballer for Sligo Rovers FC
  • Johnny Russell (footballer) (born 1990), Scottish footballer (Dundee United, Derby County, Sporting KC, national team)
  • Jon Russell (footballer) (born 2000), Jamaican footballer for Huddersfield Town, Chelsea and Accrington Stanley


  • John Russell (pitcher) (1895–1930), for the Brooklyn Robins and Chicago White Sox
  • John Henry Russell (baseball) (1898–1972), American Negro leagues baseball player
  • John Russell (catcher) (born 1961), manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Other sports

  • John Russell (cricketer) (1883–1965), English cricketer
  • Honey Russell (John David Russell, 1902–1973), American basketball player and coach
  • John Russell (equestrian) (1920–2020), American Olympic bronze medal-winning equestrian
  • John Russell (athlete) (born 1932), Australian long-distance runner
  • John A. Russell (born 1933), British Olympic rower
  • John Russell (rower) (1935–2019), British Olympic rower
  • John Russell (horse trainer) (1936-2004), American horse trainer


  • John Russell (pirate) (fl. 1722–1723), possible alias of Portugal's Juan Lopez
  • John Russell (collier) (1788–1873), British industrialist and colliery owner
  • John Russell (advocate) (died 1613) Scottish lawyer and author
  • John Russell (1796–1846), Scottish lawyer and travel writer, brother of James Russell
  • John Scott Russell (1808–1882), Scottish naval engineer
  • John Russell (developer) (1821–1896), Irish-American industrialist and developer of Ashland, Kentucky
  • John Benjamin Russell (1834–1894), New Zealand lawyer, businessman, and landscape gardener
  • E. John Russell (1872–1965), British agriculturalist
  • John Henderson Russell (1884-?) US professor and author

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  • Jon Russell (One Life to Live), fictional character in the soap opera
  • Jon Russell, a candidate in the United States House of Representatives elections in Washington, 2010

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