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Doll (disambiguation)

Doll (disambiguation)

A doll is a model of a human being, often a children's toy.

Doll or The Doll may also refer to:

Film and television

  • The Doll (1911 film) ("Păpușa"), a Romanian silent film; see Cinema of Romania
  • The Doll (1919 film), a German silent film
  • The Doll (1968 film), a Polish drama
  • The Doll, a 1973 Italian TV movie for the Door into Darkness series
  • The Doll (2008 film), an American short film
  • The Doll (2015 film), a Chinese horror film
  • "The Doll" (Amazing Stories), a 1986 episode
  • "The Doll" (Seinfeld), a 1996 episode of the TV sitcom Seinfeld


  • Doll (manga), a 1998 science fiction manga
  • The Doll (Prus novel), by Bolesław Prus
  • The Doll: A Portrait of My Mother, a 2015 novel by Ismail Kadare
  • The Doll (Stevens novel), a 2013 novel by Taylor Stevens
  • Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, a 1955 play by Ray Lawler


  • Doll (band), a Canadian punk rock/new grunge band
  • The Doll (band), a punk rock/new wave band from London, England
  • New York Dolls, a hard rock band from New York
  • Doll, an album by Keiko Matsui
  • The Doll, a 2014 music album by director/composer Dante Tomaselli
  • Doll, an album by Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy 2006
  • "Doll", a song composed by Foo Fighters, from their 1997 album The Colour and the Shape
  • "Doll" (song), a song by the Japanese pop rock band Scandal


  • Doll (surname)
  • Angie the Talking Doll, a character from You Can't Do That on Television
  • Baby Doll (wrestler), American professional wrestler
  • California Doll, a female professional wrestler from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Other uses

  • Doll (locomotive), based in Bedfordshire, England
  • Doll, Highland, crofting township and rural village in Scotland
  • Slang term for a depressant (type of drug), as in the American novel Valley of the Dolls
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