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Wallis (surname)

Wallis (surname)

Wallis is a surname of English and Scottish origin. It is a variant spelling of Wallace, a common family name in Scotland.

The surname may refer to:

  • Alfred Wallis (1855–1942), Cornish fisherman and artist.
  • Annabelle Wallis (born 1984), British actress
  • Barnes Wallis (1887–1979), British scientist - inventor of the bouncing bomb
  • Diana Wallis, British politician
  • E. A. Wallis Budge (1857–1954), Egyptologist
  • Gary Wallis, percussionist for rock group Pink Floyd
  • George Olivier, count of Wallis (1671–1743), Habsburg Austrian field marshal
  • Gustav Wallis (1830–1878), German plant collector
  • Hal B. Wallis (1898–1986), American motion picture producer
  • Henry Wallis (1830–1916), British painter
  • Hilda Wallis (1900–1979), Irish tennis player
  • Hugh Wallis (died 1994), Australian cinema entrepreneur, founder of Wallis Cinemas in Adelaide
  • Jim Wallis, American social justice Christian activist
  • Jimmy Wallis, British athlete
  • John Wallis (1616–1703), British mathematician
  • John Braithwaite Wallis (1877–1961), Canadian entomologist
  • Jon Wallis, British professional footballer
  • Joni Wallis, American cognitive neurophysiologist
  • Katherine Wallis (1861–1957), Canadian artist
  • Ken Wallis, British pilot
  • Larry Wallis (1949–2019), British rock musician
  • Michael Wallis (born 1945), American journalist and popular historian
  • Olivier, Count of Wallis (1742–1799), Habsburg Austrian general
  • Provo Wallis (1791–1892), British Naval officer
  • Quvenzhané Wallis, born in 2003, American child actress
  • Ruth Wallis, American singer
  • Samuel Wallis (1720–1795), English navigator, for whom Wallis Island is named
  • Shani Wallis, British actress and singer
  • Stewart Wallis, advocate for transition to new economic system
  • Thomas Wallis, (1873–1953), British Art Deco architect. Established Wallis, Gilbert and Partners
  • W. Allen Wallis (1912–1998), American economist and statistician

Fictional characters

  • Baron Wallis / Mother's Milk (M.M.), a fictional character in The Boys franchise
    • Janine Wallis, M.M.'s and Monique's daughter
    • Michael Wallis, M.M.'s younger brother
    • Monique Wallis, M.M.'s abusive ex-wife
    • Mother Wallis, M.M.'s deformed mother
    • Mr. Wallis, M.M.'s lawyer father

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