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Pakistan Army ranks and insignia

Pakistan Army ranks and insignia

The Pakistan Army ranks and insignia encompass the military insignia utilized by the Pakistan Army. As a former Dominion, Pakistan adopts a rank structure similar to that of the British Army.

Commissioned officer ranks

The rank insignia of commissioned officers in the Pakistan Army.


Other ranks

Junior Commissioned Officers display their rank insignias on their shoulders, Non-Commissioned Officers showcase their rank insignias on mid sleeves, and in combat uniforms, all individuals wear rank insignias on their chest. The non-commissioned officer status begins with the rank of 'Lance Naik.' Company Quartermaster Havildar, Company Havildar Major, Battalion Quartermaster Havildar, and Battalion Havildar Major are company/battalion appointments held by senior Havildars. The ranks of Sowar, Daffadars, and Risaldars are utilized in the armoured corps.

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