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Pingouin is a French vernacular term for two species of auks, the lesser auk and the great auk; it is used colloquially to designate penguins. In english, it may refer to:


  • 6790 Pingouin, an asteroid
  • Île des Pingouins (French: Penguin Island), Crozet Archipelago, south Indian Ocean

Transportation and vehicles

  • Nord Pingouin, a French monoplane
  • Aerodynos JA 177 Pingouin, a homebuilt kit monoplane ultralight
  • Pingouin, a French tugboat originally built in 1945 as USS YTL 556 by Everett-Pacific Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company
  • Le Pinguoin, former name of the racing sailing yacht IMOCA 60 Whirlpool 2

Other uses

  • Pingouins de Morzine-Avoriaz, an ice hockey team based in Morzine

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  • Pengouin, a French ship wrecked in February 1881
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