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The Ringer (1928 film)

The Ringer (1928 film)

The Ringer is a 1928 British silent crime film directed by Arthur Maude starring Leslie Faber, Annette Benson and Hayford Hobbs. It was based on the 1925 Edgar Wallace novel The Gaunt Stranger. Scotland Yard hunt for a dangerous criminal who has returned to Britain after many years away. A talkie version of The Ringer followed in 1931.


  • Leslie Faber as Dr. Lamond
  • Annette Benson as Cora Ann Milton
  • Lawson Butt as Maurice Meister
  • Nigel Barrie as Insp. Wembury
  • Hayford Hobbs as Insp. Bliss
  • John F. Hamilton as John Lenley
  • Charles Emerald as Sam Hackett
  • Esther Rhodes as Gwenda Milton
  • Muriel Angelus as Mary Lenley

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