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James II

James II

James II may refer to:

  • James II of Avesnes (died c. 1205), knight of the Fourth Crusade
  • James II of Majorca (died 1311), Lord of Montpellier
  • James II of Aragon (1267–1327), King of Sicily
  • James II, Count of La Marche (1370–1438), King Consort of Naples
  • James II, Count of Urgell (1380–1433)
  • James II of Scotland (1430–1460), King of Scots (1437–1460)
  • James II of Cyprus (circa 1438–1473), Titular King of Jerusalem
  • James II of England (1633–1701), also James VII of Scotland

Other uses

  • James II (record), a 1985 EP by James
  • "James II" (Adventure Time), a television episode

See also

  • James I (disambiguation)
  • James III (disambiguation)
  • James IV (1473–1513), King of Scotland
  • James V (1512–1542), King of Scotland

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