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List of wars involving Vietnam

List of wars involving Vietnam

This is a list of wars involving the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and its predecessor states.

Ancient era

Hồng Bàng dynasty (2879 BC–258 BC)

Âu Lạc (258 BC–179 BC)

Triệu dynasty (179 BC–111 BC)

Chinese Domination era

First and Second Chinese domination (111 BC–544 AD)

Early Lý dynasty (544–602)

Third Chinese domination (602–905)

Monarchical era

Autonomous period under Khúc clan and Dương Đình Nghệ (905–938)

Ngô dynasty (939–965)

Đinh dynasty (968–980)

Early Lê dynasty (980–1009)

Later Lý dynasty (1009–1225)

Trần dynasty (1225–1400)

Hồ dynasty (1400–1407)

Fourth Chinese Domination (1407–1428)

Later Lê dynasty (1428–1789)

Early period (1428–1527)

Restored Lê period (1533–1789)

During this period, there existed 3 dynasties and 3 lordships: Mạc dynasty (1527–1677), Restored Lê (1533–1789), and Tây Sơn dynasty (1778–1802); Trịnh lords (1545–1787), Nguyễn lords (1558–1802), and Bầu lords (1527–1689); each with varying degrees of power and control over the country. This period is considered to be one of the most complicated periods in the history of Vietnam.

Tây Sơn dynasty (1778–1802)

Nguyễn dynasty – Independent period (1802–1887)

Colonial era

French Indochina (1887–1945)

Republican era

North Vietnam (1945–1976)

State of Vietnam (1949–1955)

South Vietnam (1955–1975)


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