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Askew is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Sports people

  • B. J. Askew (born 1980), American football player
  • Billy Askew (born 1959), English footballer
  • Carl Askew (born 1952), Australian motorcycle speedway and drag bike rider
  • Dave Askew (born 1963), English darts player
  • Dean Askew (born 1962), New Zealand cricketer
  • John Askew (1908–1942), English rugby and cricket player
  • Lynsey Askew (born 1986), English cricketer
  • Matthias Askew (born 1982), American football player
  • Oliver Askew (born 1996), American race car driver
  • Philip Askew (born 1973), British ice dancer
  • Rayshawn Askew (born 1979), American football player
  • Sonny Askew (born 1957), American soccer player
  • Tosh Askew, English rugby coach
  • Vincent Askew (born 1966), American basketball player

Other people

  • Anne Askew (1520/1521–1546), English poet and Protestant persecuted as a heretic
  • Anthony Askew (fl. 1699–1774), English physician and book collector
  • Barry Askew (1936–2012), English newspaper editor
  • Christopher Crackenthorp Askew (born 23 May 1782), Royal Navy Captain
  • Desmond Askew (born 1972), English actor
  • Edward Ayscu or Askew (1550–1616/17), English historian
  • Egeon Askew (1576–unknown), English divine
  • Felicity Askew (born 1899), English sculptor
  • George Askew (born 1986), UK reality TV participant
  • George Edward Askew (died 1779), English dramatist and travel writer
  • Sir Henry Askew (1775–1847), lieutenant-general in the British army
  • Janet Askew (died 2015), New Zealand nurse
  • John Bertram Askew (1869–1929), socialist translator
  • Lucy Jane Askew (1883–1997), briefly the oldest person in Europe
  • Luke Askew (1932–2012), American actor
  • Reginald Askew (1928–2012), British Anglican priest and academic
  • Reubin Askew (1928–2014), American politician, governor of Florida
  • Rilla Askew (born 1951), American novelist and short story writer
  • Steve Askew (born 1957), English guitarist, formerly with Kajagoogoo
  • Terry Askew, creator of British children's sci-fi audio series The Space Gypsy Adventures
  • Valerie Askew (1939–2020), British modelling agent
  • Walter "Salty Walt" Askew, American sea shanty singer
  • William Askew (1490–1541), juror in the trial of Anne Boleyn, father of Anne Askew
  • Claire Askew (born 1986), British author

See also

  • Askew, Mississippi, an unincorporated community
  • Askew Codex, ancient parchment of gnostic writings
  • Askew Institute on Politics and Society in Florida
  • Askew School of Public Administration and Policy in Florida
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