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Tea tree

Tea tree

Tea tree may refer to:


  • Camellia sinensis (aka Thea sinensis), from which black, green, oolong and white tea are all obtained
  • Melaleuca species in the family Myrtaceae, sources for tea tree oil
  • Leptospermum, also in the family Myrtaceae, source for Mānuka honey
  • Kunzea ericoides, known as White tea-tree ot kānuka, a tree or shrub of New Zealand
  • Taxandria parviceps, also in the family Myrtaceae
  • species of Lycium, including
    • Lycium europaeum or European teatree
    • Lycium barbarum or Duke of Argyll's Tea Tree
  • Cordyline australis, known as tī tree in Māori


  • Tea Tree, the former name of Ti-Tree, Northern Territory, a town and locality in Australia
  • Tea Tree Gully, a council in Adelaide, Australia
  • Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, a shopping centre in Adelaide, Australia
  • Tea Tree, Tasmania, a locality in Southern Tasmania

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