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List of Deadly Women episodes

List of Deadly Women episodes

Deadly Women is an American true-life crime documentary-style television series that first aired in 2005 on the Discovery Channel, focusing on female killers. It was originally based on a 52-minute-long TV documentary film called "Poisonous Women", which was released in 2003. Two years after, in 2005, it inspired a mini-series consisting of three episodes: "Obsession", "Greed", and "Revenge". After a three-year hiatus, the show resumed production in 2008 and began airing on the Investigation Discovery channel as a regularly scheduled series. The series is produced in Australia by Beyond International.

Series overview



Pilot (2003)

A 52-minute-long TV film narrated by Marsha Crenshaw served as the basic pilot to Deadly Women. It covered four cases throughout history of women who committed murders by poison.

Season 1 (2005)

Each of the three original episodes covered cases of various groups of men who were united by the episode's central theme. These three episodes were narrated by Marsha Crenshaw.

Season 2 (2008–09)

Deadly Women resumed production of Season 2 in 2008, with slight changes. A new narrator was introduced, Lynnanne Zager, and each episode was reduced to featuring three cases instead of four.

Season 3 (2009–10)

Season 4 (2010)

Season 5 (2011–12)

Season 6 (2012–13)

Season 7 (2013)

Season 8 (2014)

Season 9 (2015)

Season 10 (2016)

Season 11 (2017)

Season 12 (2018)

Season 13 (2019)

Season 14 (2021)


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