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William of England

William of England

William of England may refer to any of the following monarchs of England and later the United Kingdom:

  • William I (c. 1028–1087; r. 1066–1087), also known as William the Conqueror or William the Bastard
  • William II of England (c. 1056–1100; r. 1087–1100), also known as William Rufus
  • William III of England (1650–1702; r. 1689–1702), also known as William II in Scotland and William of Orange
  • William IV (1765–1837; r. 1830–1837), King of the United Kingdom

See also

  • King William (disambiguation), lists monarchs named William that ruled outside of England and the modern United Kingdom
    • William the Lion (c. 1142–1214; r. 1165–1214), also known as William I, King of Scots, reign was second longest in history of Kingdom of Scotland
  • Prince William (disambiguation)
    • William of the United Kingdom (disambiguation)
      • William, Prince of Wales (born 1982), heir apparent to throne of United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms

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