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China (disambiguation)

China (disambiguation)

China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a country in East Asia.

China may also refer to:


China-related regions, polities, and concepts

  • Dynasties in Chinese history, the historical dynasties that ruled and represented China
  • Greater China, a geographical region encompassing mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan
  • Mainland China, the geographical territory controlled by the People's Republic of China, excluding the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao, and territories controlled by the Republic of China
  • Taiwan, officially the Republic of China
  • Free area of the Republic of China, the geographical territory under the de facto control of the Republic of China, including Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and various other minor islands
  • Republic of China (1912–1949), a sovereign state based in Mainland China prior to its government's relocation to Taiwan
  • China proper, also called "Inner China" or the "Eighteen Provinces", the core part of China during the Qing dynasty
  • Little China from the various historical Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese regimes
  • Empire of China (1915–1916), a short-lived state established by Yuan Shikai

United States

  • China, Indiana
  • China, Maine
  • China Township, Michigan
  • China, Missouri
  • China, New York
  • China, Texas
  • China Grove, Texas
  • China Spring, Texas


  • China, Kagoshima, a town in Japan
  • China, Nuevo León, a municipality in Mexico
  • China, Pakistan
  • China Beach (Canada), a beach on Vancouver Island, Canada

Film and television

  • China (1943 film), a film by John Farrow
  • "China" (The Office), an episode of The Office


  • China (band), a hard rock band from Switzerland
    • China (China album)
  • China (Vangelis album) (1979)
  • China (The Parlotones album) (2018)
  • "China" (Anuel AA song)
  • "China" (Red Rockers song)
  • "China" (Tori Amos song)
  • China cymbal, a type of accent cymbal
  • China Records, a record label



  • China (footballer, born 1923), born José Gonçalves da Silva, Brazilian football forward
  • China (footballer, born 1939) born José Ricardo da Silva, Brazilian striker
  • China (footballer, born 1948), born Ademir Ueta, Brazilian football forward
  • China (footballer, born 1959) born Henrique Valmir da Conceição, Brazilian defensive midfielder
  • China (footballer, born 1964) born Carlos Alberto Gomes Kao Yien, Brazilian rightback
  • China (footballer, born 1980) born Leonardo Bruno dos Santos Silva, Brazilian rightback
  • China (footballer, born 1982) born João Pedro dos Santos Gonçalves, Portuguese leftback
  • China (footballer, born 1996), born Rogerio Alves dos Santos, Brazilian football striker

Other uses

  • China (insect), a genus of grasshopper
  • China (material) or porcelain
  • China (schooner), a schooner destroyed in 1883
  • China (Superleague Formula team), a national racing team from China
  • 1125 China, an asteroid
  • HMS Africa, launched 1862, renamed China in the Lay-Osborn Flotilla
  • HMHS China, a British hospital ship in World War I
  • Smilax china, a plant species
  • Chinas, a people mentioned in ancient Indian literature
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People with the name

  • Edd China (born 1971), British motor specialist
  • William Edward China, British entomologist (heteropterist)
  • China Chow (born 1974), English actress
  • China Kantner (born 1971), American actress
  • China Machado (1929–2016), fashion model and editor
  • China Anne McClain (born 1998), American actress and singer
  • China Miéville (born 1972), British novelist
  • China Moses (born 1978), American singer and television host living in Paris
  • China Zorrilla (1922–2014), Uruguayan actress
  • China P. Arnold (born 1980), American convicted killer

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