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Shawinigan (disambiguation)

Shawinigan (disambiguation)

Shawinigan is a city located on the Saint-Maurice River in the Mauricie area in Quebec, Canada.

Shawinigan may also refer to:


  • Shawinigan River, a tributary of the Saint-Maurice River, Quebec, Canada
  • Shawinigan (Province of Canada), a former electoral division of the Province of Canada from 1854 to 1867 for the Mauricie area in Quebec
  • Division of Shawinigan (Legislative Council), a former electoral division of the Legislative Council of Quebec from 1867 to 1968

Other uses

  • Collège Shawinigan, a junior college in Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada
  • HMCS Shawinigan (K136), a Flower class corvette that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and was lost during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II
  • HMCS Shawinigan (MM 704), a Kingston class patrol vessel in the Canadian Forces, commissioned in 1997

See also

  • Shawinigan Handshake, an epithet given to a chokehold executed in 1996 by Jean Chrétien, then Prime Minister of Canada, on an anti-poverty protester
  • Shawinigan Water & Power Company, a former hydroelectric companies in Canada, now part of Hydro-Québec
  • Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, a village on Vancouver Island

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