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Army of One

Army of One

Army of One may refer to:

  • Army of One (recruiting slogan), the former U.S. Army recruiting slogan


  • Army of One (album), a 2006 album by Riot
  • "Army of One", a song by Phish from the 2004 album Undermind
  • "Army of One", a song by Cass Fox from the 2005 Come Here (Cass Fox album)
  • "Army of One", a song by Coldplay from the 2015 album A Head Full of Dreams

Film and television

  • "Army of One" (The Sopranos), an episode of The Sopranos
  • "The Army Of One", an episode of Voltron Force
  • Joshua Tree (1993 film), a film by Vic Armstrong also known as Army of One
  • Army of One (2016 film), an American comedy film
  • Army Of One (2020 film), an American action thriller film by Stephen Durham

See also

  • Army of Me
  • One Man Army (disambiguation)

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