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List of wars involving Nigeria

List of wars involving Nigeria

This is a list of wars involving the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its predecessor states.

Other conflicts

  • Mbaise Rebellion Battles against the British 1902–1917 – In 1900, the British created the Southern Nigeria Protectorate. The resistance to British colonisation from the people of modern mbaise and igbo's throughout Eastern Nigeria is well documented.
  • Bende Onitsha Hinterland Expedition 1905–1906 – The Bende Onitsha Hinterland Expedition is also referred to as the Ahiara Expedition due to the impact it had on the area. There was a lot of hostility between the British and the people of Mbaise following the Aro Expedition.

Oyo Empire (1682–1833)

Battles (1901–1902)

  • Battles in the Oguta/Owerri area (November 1901)
  • Battles of Esu Itu (December 1901)
  • Battles of Arochukwu (December 1901)
  • Battle of Edimma (January 1902)
  • Battle of Ikotobo (January 1902)
  • Battle of Ikorodaka (February 1902)
  • Battle of Bende (March 1902)

Colonial Nigeria/British Republic (1800–1960)

First Nigerian Republic (1960–1979)

Turnbull & Asser

Civil War (1967–1970)

Second Nigerian Republic (1977–1991)

Third Nigerian Republic (1992–1999)

Fourth Nigerian Republic (1999–present)

Peace agreements

Peace agreements signed

  • Banjul III Agreement (1990-10-24)
  • Bamako Ceasefire Agreement (1990-11-28)
  • Banjul IV Agreement (1990-12-21)
  • Lomé Agreement (1991-02-13)
  • Yamoussoukro IV Peace Agreement (1991-10-30)
  • Geneva Agreement 1992 (1992-04-07)
  • Cotonou Peace Agreement (1993-07-25)
  • Akosombo Peace Agreement (1994-09-12)
  • Accra Agreements/Akosombo clarification agreement (1994-12-21)
  • Abuja Peace Agreement (1995-08-19)

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