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Noa (name)

Noa (name)

Noa is both a male and female first name as well as a surname.

In Israel, the name Noa (Hebrew: נֹועָה) is a popular name for girls. In the Hebrew Bible, Noa was one of the Five Daughters of Zelophehad. In some languages, Noa is another form of Noah


First name
  • Noa (Achinoam Nini) (born 1969), Israeli singer
  • Noa Denmon (born 1995 or 1996), American illustrator
  • Noa James (born 1984), American rapper
  • Noa Kirel (born 2001), Israeli singer and actress
  • Noa Lang (born 1999), Dutch football player
  • Noa Lindberg, American actress
  • Noa Nadruku (born 1967), ethnic Fijian rugby player
  • Noa Nakaitaci (born 1990), Fiji-born French rugby player
  • Noa Nayacakalou, Fijian rugby player
  • Noa Palatchy (born 1994), Israeli rhythmic gymnast
  • Noa Raviv (born 1987), Israeli fashion designer
  • Noa Tishby (born 1977), Israeli actress
  • Noa Kazado Yakar (born 2003), Israeli acrobatic gymnast
  • Noa (Japanese singer), Japanese singer
  • Noa (Japanese singer, born 2000), Japanese singer
  • Azusa Noa (野阿, born 1954), Japanese science fiction writer
  • Ivana Noa (born 2003), Belgian actress
  • Josef Noa (1856–1903), Hungarian chess master
  • Juan Noa (died 1963), Manx dialect poet and playwright
  • Kaulana Noa (born 1976), American football offensive guard
  • Loveman Noa (1878–1901), US Naval officer killed during the Philippines Insurrection
  • Manfred Noa (1893–1930), German film director
  • Tavevele Noa (born 1992), Tuvaluan sprinter
  • Thomas Lawrence Noa (1892–1977), American clergyman
  • Yamilka Noa (born 1980), Cuban–Costa Rican poet and filmmaker

Fictional characters

  • Noa Kean, a character from Code Black (TV series)
  • Noa, a character from Fresh
  • Noa (ノア), a character from Kiba
  • Noa (dog), a dog from Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs
  • Noa Briqualon, a character from Star Wars
  • Noa Family (ノア), characters from the Gundam series
  • Noa Hollander, a character from the Israeli TV series Beauty and the Baker
    • Noa Hamilton, a character from the American adaptation The Baker and the Beauty
  • Noa Izumi (野明), a character from Patlabor
  • Noa Kaiba (乃亜), a character from Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Noa Takigawa (ノア), a character from Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches


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