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Flash, flashes, or FLASH may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional aliases

  • Flash (DC Comics character), several DC Comics superheroes with super speed:
    • Flash (Barry Allen)
    • Flash (Jay Garrick)
    • Wally West, the first Kid Flash and third adult Flash
    • Bart Allen, the second Kid Flash who also became the adult hero for a time
  • Flash (G.I. Joe), a character in the G.I. Joe universe
  • Flash, a robot in the video game Brave Saga 2
  • Flash, a character in the comedy film Daddy Day Care (2003)
  • Flash, a character in the TV science fiction drama Real Humans
  • Flash, a character in the 1989 American action comedy movie Speed Zone
  • Flash, a character in the TV sitcom Step by Step
  • Flash, a character in the film Zootopia (2016)
  • Flash Gordon, the titular hero of science fiction comic strip
  • Flash Sentry, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Flash Thompson, a Marvel comic book character
  • Flash, known as Furzz in the US, an anthropomorphic rabbit from Roary the Racing Car


  • Flash (1997 film), Disney Channel
  • Flash (2007 film), Malayalam
  • The Flash (film), 2023 film based on DC comics


  • Flash (pinball), a 1979 Williams pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie
  • Teen patti or Flash, a three-card poker-style game, popular in South Asia
  • The Flash (video game), a 1991 action video game



  • Flash Comics, a 1940s anthology comic book
  • The Flash (DC Rebirth), a comic book in the DC Rebirth relaunch
  • The Flash (comic book), an ongoing comic book featuring the titular DC Comics hero

Other literature

  • Flash (Krentz novel), a 1998 romance novel by Jayne Ann Krentz
  • Flash (Modesitt novel), a 2004 science fiction novel by L. E. Modesitt
  • Flash (magazine), a quarterly Australian photography magazine
  • Flash (newspaper), a community newspaper of Auckland City, New Zealand



  • Flash (band), a 1970s progressive rock group

Albums and EPs

  • Flash (Amoyamo album) (2013)
  • Flash (EP), a 2010 extended play album by Crystal Kay
  • [[Flash (Jeff Beck album)|Flash (Jeff Beck album)
  • Flash (Electric Food album) (1970)
  • Flash (Flash album) (1972)
  • Flash (Moving Sidewalks album) (1968)
  • Flash (Towa Tei album) (2005)
  • Flash, a 1996 album by Red Five


  • "Flash" (Iggy Azalea song), 2012
  • "Flash" (B.B.E. song), 1997
  • "Flash" (Perfume song), 2016
  • "Flash" (Queen song), 1980
  • "Flash" (Stéphanie song), 1986
  • "Flash" (X1 song), 2019
  • "Flash", a song by Cigarettes After Sex from their self-titled album, 2017
  • "Flash", a song by Rocket Punch, 2022
  • "Flashes" (song), a 1931 composition by Bix Beiderbecke


  • The Flash (1990 TV series), a 1990 American superhero series
  • The Flash (2014 TV series), a 2014 American superhero series


  • FLASH (Z), a military message precedence designation
  • M202 FLASH, a rocket launcher
  • Operation Flash, a May 1995 Croatian Army offensive in Western Slavonia
  • Tactical recognition flash, a coloured patch worn on the arm of combat clothing to distinguish their regiment or corps


In arts and entertainment

  • Flash (wrestler) (born 1981), masked professional wrestler
  • Flash Brown (born 1981), pornographic actor and basketball player
  • Adam Flash (born 1971), American professional wrestler
  • Flash Flanagan (born 1974), American professional wrestler
  • Grandmaster Flash (born 1958), American hip hop musician and DJ
  • Larry "Flash" Jenkins (1955–2019), American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter
  • Scott Norton (born 1961), American professional wrestler
  • Flash Terry (1934–2004), American guitarist and singer

In sport

  • Flash, on the TV show American Gladiators
  • Gabriel Elorde (1935–1985), Filipino professional boxer
  • Richard Flash (born 1976), English footballer
  • Josh Gordon (born 1991), American football player
  • Flash Hollett (1911–1999), Canadian ice hockey defenceman
  • Cordarrelle Patterson (born 1991), American football player
  • Gordon Shedden (born 1979), British racing driver
  • Dwyane Wade (born 1982), American basketball player
  • Lee Young-ho (born 1992), South Korean professional Starcraft player also known as "Flash"

Other people

  • George Flash (1909–1990), Israeli politician
  • Sandy Flash (died 1778), American highwayman
  • Mark Kennedy (policeman), known undercover as Flash or Mark Stone


  • Flash, Staffordshire, England, a village
  • The Flash (lake), a lake near Borras, Wales

Science and technology


  • Adobe Flash (formerly Shockwave Flash and Macromedia Flash), multimedia platform software
  • Flash memory, a kind of non-volatile computer memory
  • Flash!, the bundled graphics package for the SAM Coupé

Other uses in science and technology

  • Flash (manufacturing), an excess material attached to a moulded product along a parting line
  • Flash (photography), instantaneous illumination for picture taking
  • FLASH, a particle physics facility in Germany
  • Flash lightning, a lightning burst within a cloud (Intracloud)
  • FlAsH-EDT2 or FlAsH tag, a fluorescent label for proteins
  • Fly Castelluccio Flash, an Italian paramotor design
  • Hook flash in telephony, often labelled on buttons as simply 'flash'
  • M202 FLASH, a rocket launcher
  • Tilbury Flash, an American racing monoplane built in the 1930s
  • Fast low angle shot magnetic resonance imaging (FLASH), an MRI pulse-sequence


  • Flash (juggling), a type of throwing and catching
  • Delaware Blue Coats, originally the Utah Flash, an NBA Development League team
  • Flash Engineering, a Swedish motorsports team
  • Flash Stakes, a former Thoroughbred horse race
  • Kent State Golden Flashes or just the Flashes, the athletics teams of Kent State University
  • Las Vegas Flash, an inline hockey team in 1994
  • Monterrey Flash, a Mexican indoor soccer team formed in 2011
  • Rochester Flash, a former American Soccer League team
  • San Diego Flash, a soccer team based in San Diego, California
  • Western New York Flash, an American women's soccer franchise

Other uses

  • Flash (cleaning product), the trading name of Mr. Clean in the UK and Ireland
  • Flash (lake), a body of water that forms where the land below it has subsided
  • Flash (tattoo), a source pattern for body art
  • Flash, to expose a person's private parts to another person in exhibitionism
  • Flash, a lightning bolt symbol, for example in Flash and Circle
  • Flash Airlines, a private charter airline operating out of Cairo, Egypt
  • Flash BRT, a bus rapid transit network in Montgomery County, Maryland
  • FLASH (Dutch organization), a defunct adoption services organization involved in the 1970s to 2010s' Sri Lanka adoption scandal

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