Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

A freedom fighter is a person engaged in a resistance movement against what they believe to be an oppressive and illegitimate government.

Freedom Fighter(s) may also refer to:



  • "Freedom Fighters", a song by P.O.D. from their album Payable on Death
  • "Freedom Fighters", a song by Two Steps From Hell from their albums Legend and Invincible, and used as a remix on their album SkyWorld
  • "Freedom Fighters" (song), from The Music's 2004 album Welcome to the North
  • "Freedom Fighters" (Miyavi song), a 2005 single by Japanese musician Miyavi
  • "Freedom Fighter" a song by Rainbow on their 1981 album Difficult to Cure


  • Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe-young, a 2010 South Korean television series
  • Freedom Fighters: The Ray, a 2017 animated web series included in the Arrowverse

Video games

  • Freedom Fighters (video game), a video game developed by IO Interactive, released in 2003
  • Freedom Fighter (video game), a laserdisc arcade game released in 1984

Other media

  • Freedom Fighters (comics), a number of fictional superhero teams in comic books published by DC Comics, and two comics series featuring these teams
  • Freedom Fighters (role-playing game), a 1986 military game
  • The Freedom Fighters, a professional wrestling tag team later known as The Blade Runners

  • Cambodian Freedom Fighters, a political and paramilitary organization, active since 1989
  • Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party, active since 2013
  • Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a guerrilla organization, years active (1975-2009)
  • Mujahideen (in Arabic)
  • Mukti Bahini (in Bengali), a South Asian guerrilla resistance team, active in 1971
  • Uganda Freedom Fighters, a rebel group active in 1986

Other uses

  • F-5 Freedom Fighter (or Tiger II), a low cost entry level supersonic fighter aircraft
  • Freedom Fighters and Rehabilitation Division, a division of the Ministry of Home Affairs, India
  • Paradise/Freedom Fighters, a football club based in Punta Gorda, Belize

Freedom Fighters

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