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X Games Austin 2015

X Games Austin 2015

X Games Austin 2015 was an action sporting event that took place June 4–7, 2015, at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

The 2015 Summer X Games was the second event in a row to be held in Austin and the third full X Games event to be held in the state of Texas; in 2003, a special "Global Championships" event was held in San Antonio, Texas.

The 2015 X Games are once again broadcast on ESPN and ABC. The event debuted three new events; Moto X Flat Track, Moto X Quarter Pipe and Big Air Doubles. This year, X Games Austin attracted 160,000 spectators over four days, making it the most attended X Games since 2004.


Flat Track

Moto X



Rallycross & Off-Road Truck

Medal table


Even though he didn't medal in the event, Skateboarder Rony Gomes performed the first frontside 360 ollie in Skateboard Big Air history. Skateboarder Bob Burnquist wins his 8th Skateboard Big Air gold medal, the most all-time of any skateboarder in this event. Burnquist is also the most decorated skateboarder with 28 X Games gold medals. BMXer Colton Satterfield made history when he landed a double flair in BMX Big Air.


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