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The End Tour

The End Tour

The End Tour was the final concert tour for the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, featuring founding members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. They performed on the tour with session drummer Tommy Clufetos filling in for the band's original drummer, Bill Ward, along with keyboardist and guitarist Adam Wakeman. The tour concluded Sabbath's over-four-decade career, and was accompanied by the release of an exclusive EP, The End, which contains leftover tracks from the sessions for the band's final studio album, 13, as well as live tracks from their 2012–2014 reunion tour.

The End Tour consisted of 81 shows across North America, Europe, Oceania, and South America, and grossed a total of $84.8 million. The final concert took place on 4 February 2017, in the band's home city of Birmingham, England. The final show was documented as a concert film, Black Sabbath: The End of the End, and the songs from the final show were released as a live album, The End: Live in Birmingham.


Initial dates were announced in a video on the band's YouTube channel on 3 September 2015, with more announced in October 2015. As with the previous tour, Tommy Clufetos filled in for original drummer Bill Ward, due to the latter's departure and animosity towards singer Ozzy Osbourne. An eight-track EP, entitled The End, released to coincide with this tour, was available only at shows.

Rival Sons were the sole support act for all of Black Sabbath's headlining shows. Five Finger Death Punch planned to join the Oceanic leg of the tour, but backed out following the hospitalization of frontman Ivan Moody.

Osbourne said of the farewell tour: "This is it. It's definitely run its course."

The tour concluded in February 2017 with two gigs in the band's native Birmingham. The last was streamed live on the band's Facebook page. "The feeling built as we crept towards the final gig at the Genting Arena," recalled guitarist Tony Iommi, "but it didn't really sink in till the day of the show. Looking out at the audience during the last few songs, people were crying. Those people idolise you and love what you do. In a way, it felt like we were letting them down. It was a shame."

Prior to the gig, Osbourne discussed his emotions, suggesting he would cry after the farewell. He was adamant this was the end, but intended to carry on with solo work, having returned following a 1992 'final' solo tour. Iommi confirmed no more world tours, but remained open to a new album or one-off show. The guitarist had been diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012, and the toll on his health was the main reason to end touring.

Osbourne intended to say something to the crowd but did not prepare a speech. He closed the show with a simple, "Thank you, goodnight, thank you so much."

Opening acts

  • Rival Sons
  • Volbeat (9 July 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Bombus (9 July 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden)


The following setlist was performed at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, and is not intended to represent all the shows on the tour.

  1. "Black Sabbath"
  2. "Fairies Wear Boots"
  3. "After Forever"
  4. "Into the Void"
  5. "Snowblind"
  6. "War Pigs"
  7. "Behind the Wall of Sleep"
  8. "Bassically" (Geezer Butler bass solo)
  9. "N.I.B."
  10. "Hand of Doom"
  11. "Rat Salad"
  12. Tommy Clufetos drum solo
  13. "Iron Man"
  14. "Dirty Women"
  15. "Embryo"/"Children of the Grave"
  16. "Paranoid"

Tour dates


The tour grossed $84.8 million, with 1,074,495 tickets sold from 74 shows.


  • Ozzy Osbourne – vocals
  • Tony Iommi – lead guitar
  • Geezer Butler – bass guitar

Additional musicians

  • Tommy Clufetos – drums and percussion
  • Adam Wakeman – keyboards and rhythm guitar


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