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List of armed conflicts involving Poland against Russia

List of armed conflicts involving Poland against Russia

Armed conflicts between Poland (including the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and Civitas Schinesghe ("Duchy of Poland")) and Russia (including the Soviet Union and Kievan Rus') include:

  Russian, Soviet, Muscovite,
Ruthenian, or Kievan Rus' victory
- 16
  Polish or Polish–Lithuanian victory - 15
  Another result* - 9

*e.g. result unknown or indecisive/inconclusive, result of internal conflict inside Poland or Russia in which the other intervened, status quo ante bellum, or a treaty or peace without a clear result.

1 Originally a Polish civil war that Russia, among others, became involved in.
2 Originally a Hungarian revolution but was joined with Polish force on Hungarian side against Austria and Russia.
3 Part of the broader Russian Revolution of 1905.

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