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Penguin (disambiguation)

Penguin (disambiguation)

A penguin is a flightless bird from the Southern Hemisphere.

Penguin or penguins may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment

  • Penguin (album), by Fleetwood Mac
  • Penguin (book), a children's picture book by Polly Dunbar
  • Penguin (character), a villain in the Batman comic books
  • Penguin (film), a 2020 Indian film
  • Penguins (film), a 2019 Disney nature documentary film
  • The Penguin King, a 2012 nature documentary, also released as Penguins and Penguins 3D
  • The Penguin (TV series), an upcoming TV series on Max
  • The Penguins, an American doo-wop band
  • The Penguins of Madagascar, or simply Penguins!, an animated television series
  • "Penguins", an episode of the television series Teletubbies
  • Nickname for the nun who ran the Catholic orphanage in The Blues Brothers (film)
  • Opus the Penguin, from the comic strip Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed
  • "Penguin", a 2011 song by Christina Perri from Lovestrong


  • Penguin (restaurant), a restaurant in Nahariya, Israel
  • Penguin Group, a publishing company
    • Penguin Books, the British arm of the Penguin Group
  • Penguin Software, a 1980s video game publisher
  • The Penguin, a Wilmington, North Carolina radio station brand that has broadcast on WGHJ, WFBT (FM), and WUIN (FM)
  • Original Penguin, an American clothing brand


  • Penguin Mints, a brand of caffeinated mints
  • Penguin (biscuit), a brand of chocolate biscuit


  • HMS Penguin, various Royal Navy ships
  • USS Penguin, three United States Navy ships
  • HMAS Penguin, various Royal Australian Navy ships and shore installations
  • Penguin (missile), an anti-ship missile in service since 1972


  • Parit Chiwarak, Thai democracy activist
  • George Mitchell (Irish criminal)
Giuseppe Zanotti Luxury Sneakers


  • Penguin, Tasmania, Australia, a town
  • Penguin Island (disambiguation)
  • Penguin Islands, Namibia
  • Penguin Islands (Newfoundland and Labrador), Canada
  • Penguin River, South Georgia Island
  • Penguin Bay, South Georgia Island
  • Penguin Bight, Seymour Island
  • Penguin Heights, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
  • Penguin Point (disambiguation), three points in the Antarctic


  • Pittsburgh Penguins, a National Hockey League team
  • Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, an American Hockey League team
  • Krefeld Pinguine, a Deutsche Eishockey Liga team also known as the Krefeld Penguins
  • Penguin Football Club, an Australian rules football club based in Penguin, Tasmania
  • Dominican Penguins, the sports teams of Dominican University of California
  • Youngstown State Penguins, the sports teams of Youngstown State University
  • Penguin (dinghy), a class of racing sailboat
  • Ron Cey (born 1948), American retired Major League Baseball player nicknamed "The Penguin"
  • Penguins Cup, an ice hockey tournament for over 80 high school teams from western Pennsylvania


  • MV Penguin, a cargo liner in commission with the United States Bureau of Fisheries from 1930 to 1940 and with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service from 1940 to 1950
  • MV Penguin II, a United States Fish and Wildlife Service ship in commission from 1950 to 1963
  • SS Penguin, a New Zealand ferry which sank near Wellington in 1909
  • MacCready Gossamer Penguin, a solar-powered experimental aircraft
  • Antarctic Snow Cruiser, a 1930s vehicle designed for transport in Antarctic, also known as "The Penguin" and "Penguin 1"

Other uses

  • Penguin (solitaire), a card game
  • Google Penguin, an update to natural search engine rankings by Google
  • Penguin Award, an annual award given for excellence in broadcasting by the Television Society of Australia
  • Penguin High School, Penguin, Tasmania
  • An archaic name for the great auk

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