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Oz (given name)

Oz (given name)

Oz is the given name or nickname of:

Given name:

  • Oz Almog (born 1956), Israeli–Austrian artist
  • Oz Blayzer (born 1992), Israeli basketball player
  • Oz Ifrah (born 1982), Israeli football player
  • Öz Beg Khan (1282–1341), longest-reigning khan of the Golden Horde
  • Oz Peretz (born 1994), Israeli footballer
  • Oz Raly (born 1987), Israeli footballer


  • Osman Oz Bengur (born 1949), American investment banker and politician
  • Robert Oz Clarke (born 1949), British wine writer
  • Richard Oz Griebel (born 1949), American banker, lawyer and politician
  • Osgood Oz Perkins (born 1974), American actor
  • Osborne Oz Scott (born 1949), American film, television and theatre director and television producer

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