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List of chickpea dishes

List of chickpea dishes

This is a list of chickpea dishes and foods that use chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) or chickpea flour (gram flour) as a primary ingredient.

Chickpea dishes

  • Abgoosht – Kind of traditional and original Iranian stew and food
  • Aquafaba – Residual water from cooking legumes, used in recipes to substitute egg whites
  • Besan barfi
  • Besan halwa – Confections often made from nut butters or flours
  • Bhajji – Spiced fritter from the Indian subcontinents
  • Bikaneri Bhujia – Indian snack food
  • Bonda – Deep fried potato snack
  • Boondi – Sweets
  • Bread pakora – Indian and Pakistani fried snack
  • Burmese tofu – includes chickpea flour in its preparation
  • Caldo tlalpeño – Chicken and vegetable soup in Mexican cuisine
  • Chakhchoukha – Algerian dish of torn bread and stew
  • Chakli – fried-dough snack from India
  • Chana dal – Dried, split pulses used for cooking
  • Chana masala – Chickpea dish from the Indian subcontinent
  • Chickpea bread
  • Chickpea noghl
  • Ciceri e Tria – Pasta dish in the Italian cuisine that originated in Apulia
  • Cocido madrileño – Spanish chickpea-based stew
  • Cocido lebaniego – food
  • Dhokla – Indian vegetarian dish
  • Falafel – Egyptian Middle Eastern fried bean dish
  • Farinata – Italian pancake
  • Ganthiya
  • Guasanas – a dish from Mexico consisting of chickpeas, water and salt. The chickpeas are steamed and shelled before serving.
  • Hummus
  • Kadhi – dish originating from the Indian subcontinent
  • Karantika – Algerian chickpea flan
  • Keledoş – Soup of Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey
  • Khaman – food common in Gujarat state of India made from gram flour
  • Laddu – Sphere shaped sweet from the India
  • Lagane e cicciari
  • Leblebi – Turkish toasted chickpea snack
  • Msabbaha – Variation of hummus
  • Minestra di ceci – Italian soup based on chickpeas
  • Mysore pak – sweet dish originated in the state of Karnataka, India
  • Pakora – Spiced fritter from the Indian subcontinents
  • Panelle - Fried Italian chickpea fritters, common street food in Sicily.
  • Panisse - Smaller and thicker sort of socca from Marseille to Nice
  • Papadum – Thin, crisp, round flatbread from the Indian subcontinent.s
  • Patra
  • Pitaroudia — chickpea fritters or dumplings, in Greek cuisine
  • Puchero – Spanish and South American stew
  • Revithada — dish, in Greek cuisine, that involves baked chickpeas
  • Revithia — chickpea soup, in Greek cuisine
  • Sev – Indian snack food
  • Shiro – Type of Ethiopian and Eritrean stew made up of powdered broad bean or chickpea
  • Socca – Italian pancake
  • Sohan papdi – Indian dessert
  • Topik – chickpea-based meze dish belonging to the cuisine of Istanbul, contribution of Turkish Armenians
  • Zunka/Pithla – Vegetarian traditional dish of India

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