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Kate Hobhouse

Kate Hobhouse

Anna Catrina "Kate" Hobhouse (née Weston; born July 1962) is a British heiress, businesswoman and philanthropist who is a member of the Weston family. She is the chairman of Fortnum & Mason, an upscale department store located on Piccadilly in London.

Early life

She is the third of six children of Garry Weston, who was the chairman of Associated British Foods, and her paternal grandfather was W. Garfield Weston. She graduated from the University of Bristol.



Hobhouse started her career at Fortnum & Mason, a high-end department store that is owned by her family through Wittington Investments. She serves as its chairman.

In addition, Hobhouse is on the board of trustees of the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Personal life

She is married to Will Hobhouse, the chairman of Heal's. They have five children. They reside in the Soho area of London, and in Hertfordshire.


Text submitted to CC-BY-SA license. Source: Kate Hobhouse by Wikipedia (Historical)