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Paper doll (disambiguation)

Paper doll (disambiguation)

Paper doll is a figure cut out of paper.

Paper doll or paper dolls may also refer to:


  • "Paper Doll" (Mills Brothers song), 1943
  • "Paper Doll" (P.M. Dawn song), 1991
  • "Paper Doll" (Fleetwood Mac song), 1992
  • "Paper Dolls", a 2000 song by Kylie Minogue released as a B-side to her single "Spinning Around"
  • "Paper Doll", a 2013 song by John Mayer from Paradise Valley
  • Paperdoll (EP), an EP by the heavy metal band Kittie


  • Paper Dolls (band), a British female vocal trio of the late 1960s
  • Paperdoll (band), an indie-pop band from New York City


  • Paper Doll (novel), a novel by Robert B. Parker
  • The Paper Dolls, a 1964 novel by L. P. Davies
  • The Paper Dolls, a children's book by Julia Donaldson

Movies and TV

  • Paper Dolls (film), a 2006 Israeli documentary film
  • Paper Doll (film), a 2003 American film
  • Paper Dolls, a 1982 TV movie and 1984 soap opera on ABC
  • Paper Dolls, a 2023 Australian TV series


  • Paper doll (video games), a common way of displaying a character's inventory

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