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Der Hexer (1964 film)

Der Hexer (1964 film)

Der Hexer (aka The Ringer, The Wizard or The Mysterious Magician) is a 1964 West German black and white mystery film directed by Alfred Vohrer and starring Joachim Fuchsberger. It was part of a very successful series of German films based on the writings of Edgar Wallace and adapted from the 1925 novel titled The Ringer (originally: The Gaunt Stranger). In 1965, a sequel Neues vom Hexer (Again the Ringer) was released.


  • Joachim Fuchsberger as Inspector Higgins
  • Heinz Drache as James Wesby
  • Margot Trooger as Cora Ann Milton
  • René Deltgen as Arthur Milton
  • Eddi Arent as Finch
  • Siegfried Lowitz as Warren
  • Siegfried Schürenberg as Sir John Archibald
  • Sophie Hardy as Elise
  • Jochen Brockmann as Maurice Messer
  • Kurt Waitzmann as Reddingwood
  • Karl Lange as Reverend Hopkins
  • Karl John as Shelby
  • Ann Savo as Jean
  • Hilde Sessak as wardress
  • Petra von der Linde as Gwenda Milton
  • Tilo von Berlepsch as receptionist
  • Inge Keck as flower girl
  • Wilhelm Vorwerg as parson
  • Josef Wolff as waiter


The film was adapted from the 1925 novel by Edgar Wallace titled The Ringer (originally: The Gaunt Stranger). An earlier German version had been made in the Weimar Republic in 1932, also called Der Hexer.

Shooting took place from 3 June to 10 July 1964 on location in Hamburg and at the Spandau Studios in Berlin.


The FSK gave the film a rating of 16 and up and found it not appropriate for screenings on public holidays.

It premiered on 21 August 1964 at the Alhambra in Düsseldorf.


In 2004, the film Der Wixxer was released. It parodies German media in general (akin to the Scary Movie series), but puts particular emphasis on parodying the German Edgar Wallace productions of the 1960s and 1970s. Whereas "Der Hexer" translates to witcher or warlock in English, "Der Wixxer" is an intentional misspelling of "der Wichser", a vulgar insult meaning "the wanker".

Other Film Versions

  • The Ringer (1928)
  • The Ringer (1931)
  • The Ringer (Der Hexer, 1932)
  • The Gaunt Stranger (1938)
  • The Ringer (1952)


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