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Quebecor Inc. is a Canadian diversified media and telecommunications company serving Québec based in Montreal. It was spelled Quebecor in both English and French until May 2012, when shareholders voted to add the acute accent, Québecor, in French only.

The company was founded in 1965 by Pierre Péladeau and remains run by his family. Quebecor Inc. owns Quebecor Media and formerly owned the printing company Quebecor World.



  • Vidéotron
    • illico TV (channel 900)
    • illico Digital TV (Cable TV provider)
    • Club illico (SVOD service)
    • Vrai (unscripted SVOD service)
    • Helix TV app
    • Canal Indigo (pay-per-view and NVOD channel; bilingual with English- and French-language services)
    • Fizz (internet and cellular provider)
    • Vidéotron Business
      • Fibrenoire
    • MAtv (community channels)
    • Helix (internet and IPTV provider)
    • Le SuperClub Vidéotron (video rental chain)
      • Microplay (video game retail)
  • SETTE Postproduction
  • VMedia (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Freedom Mobile


  • Groupe TVA
    • TVA
      • CFTM-DT Montréal
      • CFCM-DT Québec City
      • CHLT-DT Sherbrooke
      • CHEM-DT Trois-Rivières
      • CJPM-DT Saguenay
      • CFER-TV Rimouski
    • addikTV
    • Casa
    • Prise 2
    • Yoopa
    • Témoin
    • Évasion
    • Zeste
    • TVA Sports
    • TVA+ (video on demand and catch-up TV)
    • TVA Publications (magazines)
      • 7 Jours
      • TV Hebdo
      • Recettes du Québec
      • Échos Vedettes
      • Cool!
      • Clin d'œil
      • Star Système
      • Coup de Pouce
      • Canadian Living
      • Espaces
      • Échos Vedettes
      • DH
      • Les Idées de ma maison
      • Style at Home
      • Dernière Heure
      • Good Times Magazine
      • La Semaine
        • La Semaine Pratique
        • La Semaine Santé
        • La Semaine Extra
        • La Semaine Téléromans
        • La Semaine Cuisine
      • Pool Pro
      • Messageries Dynamiques (distribution)
    • MELS Studios (film and television production services)
    • Incendo Media
    • TVA Films (theatrical film and home video distribution)
    • TVA Nouvelles (news source)
      • Le Canal Nouvelles (LCN)
  • Quebecor Content (television content production)
  • Le Journal de Montréal (Montréal newspaper)
  • Le Journal de Québec (Québec City newspaper)
  • 24 Heures (free newspaper)
  • J5 mobile app
  • QUB Radio (online radio and podcast platform)
  • QUB Musique (music streaming platform)
  • NumériQ
    • Billie
    • En 5 minutes
    • Le Sac de chips
    • Pèse sur Start
    • Porte-monnaie
    • Silo 57
    • Le Guide de l’auto
  • Groupe Livre Québecor Média (book publishing)
    • Groupe Sogides (general literature)
      • Groupe Homme
        • Les Éditions de l'Homme
        • Le Jour Éditeur
        • Les Éditions La Griffe
        • Les Éditions Petit Homme
        • Juniper Publishing (English-language publishing)
      • Groupe Charron Éditeur
        • Éditions La Semaine
        • Recto-Verso Éditeur
      • Groupe Ville-Marie Littérature
        • Éditions VLB
        • Éditions de l'Hexagone
        • Les Éditions du Journal
        • Éditions TYPO
        • Les Éditions de La Bagnole
      • Groupe Librex
        • Éditions Libre Expression
        • Éditions Stanké
        • Les Éditions Publistar
        • Éditions Trécarré
        • Éditions Logiques
    • Les Éditions CEC (school books)
    • Messageries ADP (distribution)
  • Quebecor Advertising Sales & Marketing
  • Quebecor Out of Home
  • Mirabel Printing (newspaper printing)
  • Agence QMI (press agency)

Sports and entertainment

  • Videotron Centre (indoor arena)
  • Les Disques Musicor (record label)
  • Audiogram (record label)
    • Éditorial Avenue (music publishing)
  • Gestev (events management)
  • Blainville-Boisbriand Armada
  • Quebec Remparts


The company began a push towards sports: it acquired the naming rights and a management contract for the Videotron Centre, currently owns the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL, has backed a proposed National Hockey League expansion franchise in Quebec City (which would bring the NHL back to the city for the first time since the Quebec Nordiques were relocated in 1995, and would play at the new arena), and launched a TVA-branded sports network in 2011.

On 20 July 2015, Quebecor officially submitted its application for an NHL expansion team in Quebec City. The application has since passed two phases of league scrutiny, with a final decision expected in early 2016.

Corporate governance

Former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney served as chair of the board before his death in February 2024.

Current members of the board of directors of Quebecor Inc. are: Françoise Bertrand, Jean La Couture, Sylvie Lalande, Pierre Laurin, A. Michel Lavigne, Geneviève Marcon, Brian Mulroney, and Normand Provost.

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